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Ubex Platform Adds New Token Purchase Function

At the request of the community, the Ubex platform development team has added a new feature for conveniently purchasing UBEX tokens.

For the convenience of its users and after popular demand, the development team has implemented the feature of purchasing UBEX Tokens using credit or debit cards. The new function, which has been added to the Ubex website interface, allows users to access a special pop-up window with payment details for conducting purchases in a safe and convenient environment.

The payment functions are implemented through the Cryptocoin partner exchange, which will require users to provide their wallet details for transferring the tokens after payment is made.

The purchased tokens will be transferred from exchanges and delivered to the users’ wallets. The function can be accessed from the official Ubex website and from the Cryptocoin web page.

The Ubex project development team is always tuning in to the requests and opinions of the community to ensure maximum convenience and usability. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.



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