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Ubex Platform Commercial Opening Is Officially Go

The Ubex platform is officially opening commercially and has become available to all participants with the full scope of its functionality.

The main development of the month of September for the project is the commercial opening of the Ubex platform. The launch is a milestone for the Ubex project that marks the international introduction of the platform onto the global market and allows all of the ecosystem’s participants to take full advantage of its technical capabilities through the Ubex Trading Desk.

The Trading Desk is an instrument dashboard used for setting up and running advertising campaigns. The dashboard allows users to configure banners, set up targeting, and received detailed statistics on launched advertising campaigns. The addition of access to the Yandex Advertising Network and a few other SSPs through the Ubex Trading Desk allows advertisers to select audiences from around the world. What is most important — the launch of advertising campaigns has become practically possible.

The current technical capabilities of the Ubex platform are broad in their scope and application. Data mining allows all webmasters who are participants of the platform to earn passive income for sharing the data of users visiting their channels. The data is used for enhancing the targeting efficiency of the Ubex platform for better serving advertisers in reaching their desired audiences.

The Ubex ad network is also fully operational as an SSP for webmasters to register on it and integrate the Ubex code into their channels for receiving ad banners.

Among the other updates that have been introduced into the Ubex system over the month of September:

· The launch of a referral campaign

· Specialized analyzer module of targeting

· Gateway for the replenishment of ad campaigns with UBEX Tokens.

The referral campaign is available in Ubex user accounts and allows them to generate a link and share it. Once those following the link register and spend money on the purchase of advertising, the sharing user will receive a percentage of the amount spent.

The traffic analyzer is integrated into the Ubex interface and displays how broadly or narrowly a specific campaign has been configured to help users make better decisions on placement.

The replenishment of balances of campaigns with UBEX Tokens is an important addition to the platform. Previously, users could only use fiat to fund their campaigns. Ubex has also included payment for advertising using UBEX Tokens.

The Ubex platform is now entering its launch phase after months of development and tense anticipation. To celebrate this momentous occasion and to encourage popularization and use of the Ubex platform, we will be giving an additional 35% of bonus traffic to all platform users who top up their account balances in UBEX Tokens before the end of October 2019.

The next step in the development of the Ubex platform is the launch of the international traffic exchange that will allow Ubex to generate income without having agreements with direct advertisers or advertising agencies. Along with that, part of the team will be busy with integration with Google Ads Network. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.



Ubex is a global advertising platform. OUR MISSION: To create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.

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