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Ubex Platform Developer’s Update

The Ubex project development team has been working hard over the past month to take into account the multiple aspects and features requested by the users of the platform. The given technical update will contain the most important features that have been resolved over the last period. It is important to note that the majority of the updates were implemented as a result of the feedback received from Ubex platform users.

1. In the temporary settings of the campaign’s target, after selecting the time zone to be targeted, the current time of the given time zone is now displayed for allowing users to understand the general setup and further facilitate the setting of the time target. Users can select individual hours, morning, evening, night periods and so on.

2. The counter of the Ubex pixel has been updated, which counts the audience based on improved algorithms. The display of statistics on the counters has also been updated.

3. The Ubex team has also optimized the list of acceptable banner sizes. When loading creatives, the size of the banners is determined automatically and an error is displayed if it does not match the available ones. The feature was added, because in our experience, these sizes are the most popular and therefore have a higher conversion.

4. When viewing a creative, users can now download it. A special button has been added to initiate the process.

5. In the creative settings, users previously had to assign a click URL for each individual banner manually. This link is often the same. We have added a field in which users can enter the desired link and apply its splice to all banners in the bundle.

6. Cookie synchronization has also been added. This is necessary for campaigns with a retarget and the ability to show the same banner to the same person a certain, specified number of times.

7. Many minor interface improvements have been introduced as well. For example, the button for adding an advertising campaign to a group has been highlighted to make it more visible. In the campaign settings, users previously had to set the beginning and end of the campaign. Now, if the end date has already passed, this field will be highlighted in red. The same applies to the start date. If it has not yet arrived, the field is also highlighted in red. Cost per Click (CPC) has been added to the metrics displayed on the group of campaigns. Special icons have been added in the reports on traffic sources that immediately allow the user to understand whether the traffic is coming from domains or applications, etc.

8. The most important aspect of the technical update relates to the CPA. To begin with, the settings of all campaigns now generate a postback URL. The advertiser sets this link to their site, linking it to a specific action. When this action occurs (it may be payment on the site / filling out a questionnaire, etc.), this link is triggered and the Ubex system receives information about the completed action. Thus, in the statistics and reports of absolutely all campaigns on the platform (even those launched using other models, CPM, CPC), the CPA indicator will now be displayed. This means that the user will see how much money was spent on average to achieve the action. However the postback link has to be used and actions have to be configured on the advertiser’s website for the values to be displayed.

Thus, though in test mode, the platform can already work directly based on the CPA model. Users will be paying only the price of the action, and not for clicks or impressions.

The Ubex development team is working on improving the functions and features of the platform to ensure its superior operation and speeds. The Ubex team also welcomes all advertisers willing to work based on the CPA model to contact the Ubex sales department to discuss potential cooperation options. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.



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