Ubex Presents at The Korea Blockchain Summit

The Ubex project has presented its platform at the prominent Korea Blockchain Summit before a vast audience of investors and blockchain industry leaders.

Chestnov Artem with organizers of Blockchain Seoul and Block Seoul conferences.

The event was of special significance for the Ubex project as it was held in the same place, where the platform had started its journey in March to becoming one of the most popular projects on the market. The Ubex team was represented by Advisor Mickey Choi, as well as a number of employees who assisted at the project booth.

Ubex Blockсhain Advisor Mickey Choi with Synco Investments.

The event was devoted to discussions revolving around blockchain infrastructure development in various industries, including governance, insurance, healthcare and many others, as well as innovations presented by a multitude of projects. The Ubex project team had the opportunity to discuss Swiss regulations and other legal aspects with the representatives at the summit and the project’s CEO Artem Chestnov participated in an open panel discussion devoted to the future of AI and its implementation in blockchain projects.

All Ubex team at the booth, Seoul, Coex.

The Ubex team also had the pleasure of meeting the mayor of the island city of Jeju who sees great opportunities for employment in the blockchain industry sector. The mayor expressed his hopes that his plans for turning Jeju into a crypto hub would be realized. The Ubex team is confident that the city has all the necessary basis for becoming such an important place for the crypto industry given its location, infrastructure and regulation framework.

LBank visiting Ubex at the Blockchain Seoul.

The team had the pleasure of meeting a number of Korean academics and investors and established firm cooperation with them. The event also proved that Korea is a leading market for the project, given its popularity among the local blockchain community and the various industry leaders present at the event, who expressed their willingness to cooperate with the project.

Meetup in Seoul was a big success.

The event was followed by a special meetup for the community and contributors. The event was organized with the assistance of the project’s partners at Joiis Investment. The CEO of Joiis Investment welcomed the team in the company’s headquarters and almost 50 members of the Ubex community attended the event. Most of the questions discussed at the meetup revolved around the encroaching end of the Token Sale, as well as security protocols and suggestions made by the community members.

Day 2 of Blockchain Seoul started from invasion of Ubex booth by Korean students.

The Summit continued on Tuesday, 18 of September. The event was attended by Cecilia Mueller Chen, who was one of the advisors of the Ubex project at the start of its development and assisted in forming compliance policies. The project represented the Crypto Valley at the event and expressed its joint beliefs on Swiss regulations pertaining to the industry.

At AI Summit Singapore. As out token sale is approaching to end, we start to refocus on product and business development in AI.

On Wednesday, 19 of September, part of the Ubex team will leave for Singapore to attend the Consensus event, as well as a number of other events, such as the AI Expo.

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 featured a number of theatres, including use case studies and technical discussions. Over 500 senior and targeted decision makers were in attendance, with verticals including banking and finance, insurance, transport, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, retail and more.

Meetup in Seoul was a big success.

The Ubex project is rapidly approaching its hard cap and an extremely limited number of tokens are left for sale. As such, the project team is focusing entirely on listing and business development to ensure the success of the platform’s internal exchange units. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.

About Ubex

Ubex is the solution — a global, decentralized advertising exchange based on the fusion of Neural Networks, AI and blockchain operated by smart contracts. The mission of Ubex is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of trust and maximum efficiency. With Ubex, the process of acquiring advertising slots and selecting the most effective websites for placement is simplified and transaction risks are minimized.

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