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Ubex Project Updates

The Ubex project development team has been working on the continuous development and improvement of the platform to ensure the convenience and accessibility of its users. The month of October proved to be highly productive for the project, as a number of important developments were introduced to the system.

The first important development was the test mode launch of the ad exchange. At the moment, the development team is testing its performance using Smarty Ads and a DSP partner of the project. Tuning and adjustments, as well as elimination of bugs identified during the test mode phase will allow Ubex to function more effectively and will reduce the need for troubleshooting.

A dashboard service has been launched for comprehensive analysis of all traffic on the platform. The Ubex project will be using it along with partner companies. The service is necessary for a detailed understanding of how the traffic works on the platform. The service is exclusively for use by the Ubex project and its partners, and is not intended for use by customers, as it is a technical module for monitoring and adjusting platform activity.

The Ubex development team has also introduced a number of improvements that allow the platform to cooperate with advertising services, even if they do not operate on the basis of the RTB system. This allows the platform to connect to any operational protocol and assemble offers.

The Header Bidding feature has been added to the Ubex ad network. Header bidding is a new advertising technology that allows publishers to take multiple bets on their advertising inventory at the same time, rather than consistently, as with the waterfall model. Thus, the publisher has more control over the auction, which will lead to an increase in profits. Thanks to Header Bidding, publishers can monetize their inventory and see a clearer picture of market demand more effectively.

Several smaller updates have also been introduced to the platform. A night and day interface theme has been added to improve website viewing comfort. The ability to filter required SSP networks when launching advertising campaigns has been included. Last but not least, the possibility of blacklisting certain sites or entire SSPs has been included to optimize user convenience when working with the Ubex platform.

The development team is continuously working on improving the performance of the platform as traffic flows are constantly being optimized and minor bugs are being fixed. In addition, 2 DSPs are due to be connected soon along with a number of new SSPs.

The Ubex project is developing its product and is confidently attracting new users to the platform as new and more useful features are being added to the dashboard and are allowing advertisers and publishers to take full advantage of the power of programmatic advertising. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.



Ubex is a global advertising platform. OUR MISSION: To create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.

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