The Ubex & Ponder Event in Seoul

The Ubex project has hosted the Ubex & Ponder exclusive event at the Han River Paradise Restaurant in Seoul, attracting the attention of hundreds of crypto enthusiasts and investors.

Ubex has hosted the event in Seoul with an audience of Korean investors, funds and crypto enthusiasts.The number of officially registered attendees exceeded 130 persons. The event proved to be a true, full-fledged conference as the adjunct professor of Korea University was invited to read a lecture about blockchain and investments.

Ik Song on stage with opening speech.

The Ubex team presented the project on stage in detail and told of its advantages to the audience, resulting in the conclusion of several meetings after the main event. The night proved extremely satisfying for the attendees as several prizes were played at a lucky draw and entertainment was ensured by an invited standup comedian.

Ubex show

The picturesque venue around the Han River played host to the event as the Ubex team aims to extend its presence in Seoul by attending a large number of meetings and prominent events during the week. Stay tuned for more news and updates.