Ubex Unveils Detailed Roadmap For 2019

The Ubex projects is pleased to present the extended and detailed roadmap of its development for the year 2019.

In February 2019, the project launched its data mining application. The application, which can be installed on the websites of webmasters and publishers, can be used to mine user data and share it with the Ubex mainframe server for UBEX Tokens. Ubex pays for data on new users that data miners and webmasters can generate by installing the Ubex counter on their websites. Such a counter will generate significant passive income, as advertisers are interested in users from countries they are targeting. The Ubex project is ready to start paying 250 UBEX Tokens for each 1000 new users mined from websites once the miner platform is launched.

In April 2019, the Ubex project will be launching the Ad Network application. This application will enable webmasters and publishers to start connecting their sites to the Ubex advertising network.


May 2019 will see the launch of RTB exchanges and connection of third-party SSPs and DSPs. The Ubex RTB Exchange is a structure that combines the DSP and the SSP. The SSP requests advertising through the exchange. The exchange then sends ad requests to numerous DSPs and receives offers in reply. The Ubex exchange then conducts an auction among advertisers and returns the winning ad to the SSP. The Supply Side Platform is designed to allow publishers and webmasters to manage their ad spaces and slots. Through the SSP, webmasters and publishers can fill their ad space inventory and monetize it. The Ubex SSP is designed to be intuitive and user friendly in addition to being based on blockchain technology with full transparency of operations. The Demand Side Platform is a complex interface designed for allowing buyers of digital ads to manage a large number of ad and data exchange accounts. The DSP integrated into the Ubex system is both convenient in use and highly productive, as it allows its users to quickly and efficiently carry our management and purchase operations.

June 2019 will be the month for launching the Trading Desk application for advertisers and agencies and the Programmatic 1.0 protocol. The Trading Desk is a platform for automating the purchase of advertising on the basis of various advertising models for both direct placement on digital channels and for auction purchases through the RTB system. In the Ubex system, the Trading Desk operates in conjunction with the DSP on the basis of the programmatic model.

In July 2019, Ubex will be launching the advertising campaign analytics server and the main smart contract on the Ethereum network. The analytics server will be responsible for compiling and analyzing the data entered into the Ubex mainframe for ensuring better targeting of ad placement.

August 2019 will be devoted to the launch of the international billing and reporting server. The billing and reporting servers will be responsible for maintaining the billing and accounting part of the platform and will ensure transparent and honest remuneration of all parties to the platform. An update of the main Ubex website is also scheduled for August 2019.

In September 2019, Ubex plans to launch the advertising neural network for all market participants and start preparation for the launch of the DMP platform. The neural network will allow the system to learn and analyze data entering the Ubex system and ensure accurate selection of ads and their matching to relevant and interested users. The Data Management Platform is designed for collecting and managing various arrays of data.

In October 2019, the SDK for public use on IOS / Android for displaying ads on mobile applications will be launched. The SDK is a software development kit that allows the creation of various applications. The Ubex SDK will allow the platform’s users to develop the necessary structures for displaying ads to targeted users.

In November 2019, Ubex will launch its Programmatic 2.0 protocol and will start launching video advertising displays. Displaying video ads is more complicated than banners and images. As such, more development time is needed to ensure the proper functioning of video ad placement.

December 2019 will see the launch of the DMP platform, which is vital for compiling and analyzing user data. On the Ubex platform, the DMP performs the function of analyzing user data and generating accurate targeting for ad placement.

The Ubex project is continuing its development and will soon be launching additional modules to ensure the wholesomeness of the platform and its convenient use for all participants. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.