Introducing Kudra: the A.I engine for building intelligent document applications

Walid Amamou
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6 min readMay 24

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As AI models are becoming commoditized, high quality training data is becoming key to successful and applicable AI. chatGPT is the perfect example, feeding GPT-3 with a small amount of high quality human labeled dataset using RLHF, OpenAI created on of the most advanced AI model available to humanity. At UBIAI, we have known the value of high quality data since day 1. Since the launch of our data labeling and model training platform in 2021, we have received tremendous traction across multiple industries, leveraging our platform to create high quality training data that powers high performance NLP models.

However, over the past year, we have witnessed two re-occurring issues across our customers:

  1. How do I deploy my fine-tuned model without investing in a large MLOps team?
  2. How do I create custom workflows with my trained model that works for my business without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of building an application.

This got us thinking, what if you can deploy fine-tuned models with just few clicks but also integrate them into a custom workflow that is tailored to the company’s needs? And this is where the idea of the Kudra came from. We are excited to announce today the release of Kudra in Beta! Here is a sneak peek:

The Need for Customized Solutions

Businesses that deal with a large amount of unstructured data often face significant challenges in processing and extracting valuable insights. Off-the-shelf intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions offer static workflows with very limited capabilities in terms of model and workflow customization.

For example, most IDP solutions will provide document upload -> OCR -> Entity Extraction -> Document classification -> Export, but what if you need to add relation extraction, summarization, zero-shot classification, or question answering to your workflow? Tough luck, you either need…

Walid Amamou

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