We’re ready to open this year’s summer season with an upcoming release by fluidvolt, who debuted on Ubiktune with Reflections of a Dancing Leaf back in 2012.

Artwork by Rufus Blacklock

His new album is titled Clay Memory. It shows the idea of wabi-sabi in a musical form, an organic sound with a temporary beauty of childlike, innocence and happy vibes.

Music-wise, Clay Memory is a combination of jazz, folk and pop, passed through the forms of impressionism and weirdness.

To create this album, fluidvolt has compiled and organized the soundfonts with over than 300 instruments, based on the sounds of a classic Game Boy Advance game Mother 3.

Mother 3 (Game Boy Advance)

This is the story:

After Bregalad created his fantastic program GBA Mus Riper, it’s been possible to dump Mother 3's sounds into a massive soundfont of 1668(!) instruments. For the purposes of playing Mother 3 midis it’s perfect. Trying to write your own music with it though… not so much. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it’s gonna be a struggle. There’s not a name to be found and it has tons of near-duplicate instruments.

That’s where this soundfont comes in handy. I combed through the gigantic raw soundfont of 1668 instruments, weeded out duplicate instruments, removed junk data, etc. Fast-forward more hours than I care to count, and, after naming and organizing, it’s been pared down to a more manageable 214 instruments. Still a lot, but it’s a “rubbing your hands together, can’t wait to get started” a lot, not a “tearing your hair out, this is freakin’ impossible” a lot.

There’s also an additional soundfont of 100 instruments where I split the drumkit into individual instruments.

Both soundfonts will also be available as a part of album download.

The album features 12 tracks with a little under 30 minutes long in total.

Track list:

  1. Shall We
  2. Faded Ink
  3. Teapot
  4. Meadow, Half Asleep
  5. Doggy Goes Mu
  6. Squeaky’s Song
  7. Focus, Okay
  8. Glass Among Fire
  9. On Sense
  10. Brush Strokes
  11. Paper Flowers
  12. Smiling Sign

Meanwhile, two singles “Focus, Okay?” and “Faded Ink” now are available via our Soundcloud. Both are free for download too!


Enjoy and stay tuned for Clay Memory!

Ubiktune Blog

Words and music from the label and friends.


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Electronic, chiptune and video game inspired music netlabel. We love crazy chords, odd rhythms, jazz and prog. Brought to you by @cjeff_ and @sugem since 2006

Ubiktune Blog

Words and music from the label and friends.

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