How to interview an AI founder?

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At Ubinomix, we are working towards building the best in class community that could benefit GTM teams in new age AI companies and as a part of the quality content that we strive to bring to the masses, we’re doing some interviews ( Via Zoom / response to questions) in the upcoming months. We will be reaching out to CEO’s and co-founders in AI organisations with a list of questions they can pick from and answer. We’ve categorised our questions into two types, one set of questions focus on getting information that AI startups can benefit while the other category focuses on helping professionals get more insights into the AI market and prepare / re-skill for the future of work. We will focus on B2B AI organisations exclusively.

Since the AI tech space is moving at a greater speed, there isn’t a set format, playbook or a successful approach that we can follow. We only become perfect at something we do, as long as we keep doing it consistently. In the same spirit, we’ve put together these first set of questions as a format to start with.

Outside of the compulsory set of questions We are going to ask our CEO’s to pick and answer any 10 questions that they find interesting and here they go:

Question corner:

What problems does your AI tool solve ?

Who are your target customers? Which function/ department in an organisation will use your tool on a day to day basis.

Do you use your own AI tool inside your organisation?

What other AI tools do you use today ?

How much time does it take today for a customer to deploy your tool?

Your advice for professionals willing to prepare for the future.

What two north star metrics should AI organisations focus on?

Your biggest learnings when building your AI startup that others can learn from.

Your favourite book/ podcast / documentary recommendation on AI

A new age AI company that you look up to ?

Do you provide a free trial period for your product? If yes, how long?

Is there an online course / video tour of your platform that people can use?

What KPI’s does your AI tool impact or help to improve?

What is a pre-defined quality your users need to have?

What skills / experience do you desire much when hiring for the following roles

Customer success:

17. What’s your pricing strategy? Do you charge by number of users/ amount of content generated?

18. Do you offer certification/ courses to master your product?

19. How many hours should a person spend to become an expert in your tool?

20.What is your engineering tech tool stack?

21.How long did it take for you to go from ideation to product launch ?

22. What function in your organisation do you look to automate in the next 5 years?

23. What’s the most expensive part of running an AI company?

While these are some questions that we are looking to get answers to.

We need your help here to make it much better.

Note to the reader:

  1. If we were to make some of these questions compulsory, pick any three questions that you feel would make absolute sense to get answers from? Add question numbers in comments.
  2. What other questions do you want to want to ask an AI founder? comment below and we are sure to add it to our question kitty.

Thanks for reading through and your energy. Super excited to hear from you. Please send your questions to and also nominate an AI organisation / founder that you’d like to have in our interviews. We’ll work towards it.

Thanks for your continued support. Good day!