How we built our first community landing page with AI tools.

Lokesh Kannan
AI Brains
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5 min readFeb 22


Fuelled by the thought of building an Online community for GTM teams , I started by focusing on the top 3 things needed for me to build a basic website that will be a digital visiting card and I thought, if I am planning to build a community that will help GTM teams and non-techies adopt to AI, then why not start with building the community page using AI.

I wanted to start lean and hence wanted to do 3 things right.

  1. Create a Logo
  2. Build a basic website with a single page
  3. Content for my website.

Back in 2017, I blocked a domain called “Ubinomix” and it was already sitting there idol for many years. I did not want to spend more time thinking about names and finding domains so thought I would go ahead and use the same domain. I logged in to my Domain provider and was happy to see that Ubinomix waiting patiently to go live all these years.

To business,

  1. Creating the Logo:

While there are so many logo generators out there, I chose Logomaster.AI to create a simple logo. It was easy and in 30 minutes, the tool was able to build some logos for me. The process was very simple. I had to choose some texts, icons, color palette from the screens presented to me and then let the tool do its thing.

Logomaster : Screens

While Logomaster threw me many combinations, I kept changing my inputs and after 6 to 7 iterations and like 30 minutes, I was finally satisfied with this logo below,

However when I tried to download this logo, you guessed it — Logomaster asked me to pay for the logo which was a little annoying, but I was good to go. So I put on my card and zapped 990 INR( 11.90 USD). However, after few hours I realized that I hated the tagline and wanted to make it disappear. I went back to Logomaster to make changes which was when it asked me to upgrade to Premium plan with a top up of another 1300 INR(15.71 USD). I upgraded and then made the changes with this logo below. Once done, you can download the logo as a Zip file and it shares all variations and formats.

27 USD and 40 minutes later — Logo is ready!

2. Building the website :

I came across an AI based website builder called and it had a similar experience, I stated my purpose, gave inputs and let Durable do the job for me. It was very easy to edit and I almost built the entire website without signing up.

While Durable has an AI assistant to generate content for your website, I wanted to stick to writing the objectives, goals statement myself, which I had put together on a Google Doc.

To make the landing page look more interesting, I used OpenAI’s DALL-E to generate some images to insert and I left the Dall-e logo intact on all the images on purpose, I am all in for acknowledging content that is AI generated because I want my readers to know when something is machine generated, btw what do you think of Medium’s policy towards using AI for content ?

Once the content was ready [ I used ChatGPT to generate the first part of the website section to add some level of professional experience] the website looked a bit decent, I was ready to push it to production. Durable asked me to upgrade to be able to connect to a custom domain name and I was more than happy to pay 9 USD /month to access its Premium features. Zapped in my card again and went live. It took me some 4 to 5 hours deciding the color pallete, the different sections and since it is my first time building a community like this personally as an individual, I am learning by doing too.

Overall it took me few hours to go live and now the largest part of the puzzle, which is to market it and speak to as many people as I can about this community goals and curate some good content that will add value, bring in a army of AI experts (who will speak normal language and not about code) before launching the slack community with good content that users can use.

Next steps :

  1. Speak to AI leaders / experts and create a strong preliminary network to curate rulebooks, simple content that can add value.
  2. Create a waiting list for people to join while we work on the content part.

3. Marketing and creating awareness.

We are creating a community to help prepare GTM teams for the AI driven future. Follow us on twitter.

Note! : I am not endorsing any tools mentioned here. I used them and they worked for me. If you can find similar tools that are more viable, please comment below and also lets catch up to discuss how you built something using AI.