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Lokesh Kannan
AI Brains
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2 min readFeb 28


On any given day, there are millions of folks across continents using AI on a day to day basis, computing power that was only available to scholars and scientists in advance laboratories a decade ago is now accessible to everyone. The biggest challenge of our generation is out there already.

How will companies measure expertise of a person who claim to be a professional in handling AI tools. I am talking about a copywriter or a designer or a sales person in a future tech company, perhaps even jobs/ roles will be called different by then,

Senior AI UI engineer, AI Quartermaster, Generative copywriter, AI Sales, AI manager and so on..

And when they receive applications and look at the resume of these future applicants, what will they see?

Will there be a portfolio for every individual like a Kaggle or Github profile profile we see today that will help consolidate their portfolio and also act as an authentication of the person’s experience using these tools for anyone to see?

Imagination of a Dall-E Profile (self created) in the future. Created in Adobe Spark.

I created my own version of how a DALL-E screen of an individual’s profile would look like in the future. Maybe the expertise level of the individual using a Generative AI tool is measured based on the number of images that harnessed more than a 1000 likes or with the most number of downloads.

What will be the criteria to measure performance of copywriting and creating blogs using AI? Will an AI copywriter have a separate section in their resume that will talk about their experience?

A more likely resume section in the future

While this is not a full blown blog about how to measure talent, the overall objective is to initiate a small think tank about how a future looking resume will look like.

We are looking to speak with anyone who is a professional resume builder, anyone who has used an AI copywriting tool to get more idea on building a resume for AI companies and how individuals from functions of a business can prepare

Comment your thoughts, let’s connect.

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