Why I want to build an AI community for GTM teams

Lokesh Kannan
AI Brains
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4 min readFeb 21


Let’s face it, we are all curious to know about the future with AI in it and equip ourselves in a way that one day we don’t have to walk into a team meeting and have our boss introduce a new AI tool that will replace us. This fear can be very much relatable for most GTM team members than for techies, code junkies and developers.

In the recent light of events, looks like we are on an AI rampant world and as I observe the trend and spot new companies like Jasper and Synthesia come into existence, it’s exciting and at the same time a little bit scary as to the future of work. I can already think of so many good people who’d lose their jobs with these emerging technology but equally, I can sense the merits on the other side.

Since most of the AI world is still in the second level of formative years, I feel that the time is right for humanity to come together to form a team and evolve to learn how to rise and surf this gargantuan AI wave with our small paddle-boards as it gains momentum.

The idea is not to rally against technology taking away our jobs but to identify how it’s going to redefine our jobs and alter our way of work.

I have like a million questions that keep me awake at night when I go to bed as I imagine the year 2040. I am sharing some of these questions below,

If AI tool is going to help generate content, then how do we recognize the best content writers, what will be the KPI, OKRs and objectives of a content creator who will use the AI tool.

If AI chatbots can better serve customers and always make sure SLA’s are never broken, then what is left for the support team?

Will jobs/ roles be the same?

Will future organisations only have a central AI operations team that will do all the work ?

Will AI integrate Marketing and sales end to end and be a new branch within itself?

Will Sales executives have an AI partner for closure and demos?

Is there be a way to every identify AI generated content against man made?

Will AI be smart enough to send emails to customers ?Will AI replace Inside sales teams in the longer run?

If website creation, video production and brand designs are AI based, will there be a UI/UX team or a design team in future companies? If so, how do you measure their performance?

Will there be an AI chief of staff one day?

Will there be an AI manager that will oversee the content that humans produce and approve before it’s sent out?

The questions are many but trying to answer them would be tantamount to building a fortress on top of a moving river.

Maybe, we should be building a boat instead and not a fortress and that’s what made me realize that the time is ripe to initiate a conversation around creating play-books, methodologies and equipping the future workforce with all they need to win in an AI driven world.

The Why?

Of course, I tried to search for groups and communities that will try answering some of my questions but all I found were groups after groups where the conversations were all about using chatgpt, LLM’s, Tensorflow — whatever, it’s a techie eat techie world and for a no-code, non-tech person like me, reading those conversations and trying to find their meaning only makes me feel like Dr.Strange trying to bargain with Dormommu

Source : Google

For a non-technical person like me, I am not interested in learning 100 lines of code or what node and API’s I need, I just need to help people equip themselves with the knowledge that will make them an AI professional and still make a living without having to learn code ever — which is most of the GTM teams (Marketing, sales, customer success, Presales, Brand experts, Even Designers are no exempt these days).

As opposed to launching a full blown website, planning to speak to more experts and try to curate some good facts, contents and play books that people can take advantage of when we launch the full blown community.

As a first step, launching a simple landing page first and trying to organise and speak to like minded individuals to get started. If you are someone who deployed an AI tool as a part of your GTM tool stack, lets get in touch.

Check out my community landing page here

Looking forward to the future.