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Bonding V2.1 Launched

by アレクサンダー.eth

🦍 uad.ubq.fi

Hey guys proceed with caution when hitting the migrate button because most of the (European) QA team is not going to be super available the next few days to do real thorough QA testing. For Non-Europeans: it turns out that August is generally a vacation month in Europe! Myself and a couple others did some cursory tests just now (migration, claim pending rewards) and this early QA testing appears to be nominal.

I say proceed with caution because we’re generally quite prudent with trying to find serious issues before they get out of hand, but I understand that a lot of the community has been incredibly patient with us while we’ve been redoing the bonding contracts and we really appreciate that.

I don’t want to force you guys to wait any longer, but just remember that we would generally do at least another full day of bug hunting before opening the floodgates. I’ll continue to seek out bugs and if you’d like to help me find any serious issues (like those in the last two times that required us to redeploy) I’m happy to pay $1000 in whatever stablecoin you want + 1000 UBQ!


Why is it so expensive to migrate?

We evolved our bonding token standard to leverage NFTs which helps tons from a technical perspective (this was required to fix the issue from the original bonding contract) but unfortunately as many of us know, minting NFTs can be very expensive.

In our early QA it looked to be about $80 at 60 gwei :(


Is there any reason to not immediately ape?

Yes, because Bonding V1 funds are unaffected by the new code. On the flip side: if Bonding V2 is all gravy, then you missed out on some early farming rewards.

Wen moon?

Probably Q4; more updates on this next week!

with love,

- アレクサンダー.eth



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