Introducing Ubiquity6

Ubiquitous, shared AR.

Science fiction has long prepped us for a vision of the future where the digital and physical merge seamlessly into one — in a way that just works everywhere, for everyone. Examples abound, whether for entertainment (Rainbow’s End, Vinge, 2006), communication (The Naked Sun, Asimov, 1957) or just hawking products (Ghost in the Shell, 2017).

Solograms, Ghost in the Shell (2017)

In these futures, we aren’t constrained to linear feeds, vertical video, or character limits. Instead, we’re able to share our lives unconstrained, freely, in all three coordinate axes, using constantly updated, massively multiplayer spaces that are mapped and overlaid on the physical world.

This future is now within reach. A combination of progress in computer vision and extremely powerful processors in billions of pockets means that we can finally bridge the digital and physical worlds with levels of speed, scale and precision that feel…real.

While this holodeck-like end state is years away, we believe the building blocks of this future are already here, and that there are several valuable pit stops along the way. To start with, we believe giving smartphones the ability to understand space (depth) and time (persistence) like humans creates immediate and valuable new ways for us to interact with each other, adding more color to our lives:

A Little Bit More About Us

We founded Ubiquity6 in early 2017, but the company has been years in the making. Anjney and Ankit were roommates as undergrads, and Mike and Anjney worked for years together at Kleiner Perkins on KPCB Edge, focused on AR, VR and computer vision among others, before leaving to start Ubiquity6. Our founding team of engineers, designers and advisors has worked on some of the hardest technical and creative problems in the world with Metamind, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Magic Leap, Electronic Arts and Zynga.

Founding advisor Mike Abbott, CEO Anjney Midha and CTO Ankit Kumar

We’re backed by a crew of stalwarts from entertainment and technology, including A&E Networks, First Round Capital, Kleiner Perkins and Gradient Ventures, Google’s new AI focused fund.

Plus, we’re hiring. Come help us build a shared reality!

We’re lucky to be supported by these old friends and colleagues as investors and advisors: John Doerr, Richard Socher, Bing Gordon, LDVP, Lee Linden and Amplify Partners.

To stay updated, follow us on Twitter: @ubiquity_6