It’s been a month into 2017, so what have you achieved?

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Have you achieved great success in 2017 yet? Statistics show that people go off track with their new year’s resolutions around February and start to feel bad or guilty about it. I understand as losing weight or trying to save more money can be a though challenge, but aspiring for these things is not the actual problem.

The real reason why people lose focus of their goals is not because of what they want to accomplish, but how they create and set about to achieve these goals. Luckily, there are a few simple things you have to do in order to create effective goals and start to attain the things you want.

Goal Setting

An effective goal is created by using the SMART goals framework. This shows you the five things you need in a goal to maximize its potential to be successful:

  • Specific — Well defined. Clear to anyone that has a basic knowledge of the project
  • Measurable — Know if the goal is obtainable and how far away completion is.
  • Achievable — Something that can be done or can be attained within the given time.
  • Realistic — Can the goals be reached with the available resources and knowledge.
  • Time Based — Having clear time periods between which the project must be completed. Too much or too little time can affect the performance of the projects and others that come after it.

Examples of goals:

The following examples of goals are related to business, however, you can clearly see how to modify them to fit into your personal life.

  1. Increase sales in 2017 by X percent

Set a number that’s feasible. Look at the last few years of sales and aim for the figure that is achievable, and then create a plan of how you are going to sell more.

Sample action items:

  • Increase marketing budget in social media by (input number or percentage here).
  • Develop a stronger brand image.
  • Integrate e-commerce software into your website to sell more through the internet.

2. Market my business better through social media and content

I suspect this should be on many business’ lists this year. If you’ve seen a little success with social media and content marketing, it’s time to step it up.

Sample action items:

  • Write three blog posts a week on the company blog.
  • Increase Twitter activity to daily.
  • Build a strong subscriber base by adding 50 new social media contacts per week.

3. Become known as the expert in my field

If your business relies on your personal brand to work, people have to know your name for it to be successful. The more places you appear, the more people get to know you through your knowledge.

Sample action items:

  • Book one speaking event per month.
  • Guest post on two other blogs each month.
  • Ramp up social media interaction to (input number or percentage here) times daily.

To conclude…

First, think of something you want to achieve during 2017 and then use the SMART goals framework to come up with a strategy to implement it. I would encourage you to go through this process every quarter of the year because it is hard to come up with a plan for the whole year, and stick to it.

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