Bottling the ‘Fad’ Reputation

Celebrating the craft beer revolution

Pictured: Nick Fletcher (Left), Wilf Horsfall (Middle), Matt Denham (Right)

The craft beer industry continues to outgrow the ‘fad’ reputation, and we’re stoked to be a part of it. With Summer Brew Fest taking place from 19th-21st of June 2015, we’re reminded just how alive and well the London craft beer scene is.

Since we opened the doors of UK’s first ‘open brewery’ a few months ago, we’ve welcomed everyone from those who are on their first brew up to those experienced home brewers and even those with plans to go commercial within the year.

With our growing community of do-it yourself brewers, Summer Brew Fest presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate the defiance of sub-standard watery tasting beer, and to lead the craft beer revolution past its ‘fad’ reputation. In association with one of London’s leading bar chains Barworks, Summer Brew Fest will involve 14 venues across London, all with distinct personalities and all focused on quality brewing.

To the naysayer’s of ‘peak craft beer’ we say no way — craft beer is in full froth and the number of brewers continues to grow. The craft brewing community is here to stay and Summer Brew Fest is in celebration of that.

Nick Fletcher, Founder of Summer and Winter Brew Fest said: “Historically speaking, it’s only recently that brewing became the domain of large companies producing massive volumes of homogenous beer to be shipped far and wide. This produces a disconnect between consumers and the mass-market beers found everywhere today.

“Thankfully, the tides are changing rapidly, with the explosion in the number of London brewers over the past few years, brewing beer locally to be consumed by locals, reconnecting people with the art and science of making great beer. We’ve seen this trend accelerate in the past few months with people taking brewing courses and brewing their own in places like UBREW.” Check out for more information.

Summer Brew Fest 2014

Community based brewing is the reason to get into craft beer, and also the reason to stay. We want to support and celebrate our brewers all the way. Everyone enjoys a good brew, and therefore we believe everyone should be able to get involved!

Those of you as chuffed as we are can pick up discounts and wristbands at over a dozen bars across London, and get the chance to try a number of brews that have never been commercially produced before.

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