How UrbanClap changed my perspective of a tech-startup

By – Vinay Sachdeva (Engineer, CX/PX Experience)

If one tries to enumerate top 50 most queried keywords on google in last 1 decade, “Startup” would surely make it to the top 10. A word which is recognized by almost everyone living a professional life irrespective of field of discipline. A word which resonates with millennials and veterans alike. A word which keeps its company with others high powered words like: unicorn, acquisition, passion, funding, energy, valuation and billions of dollars. A well identified word but less understood nonetheless. Through this narrative, I’ll try to unsheathe my apprehensions, misgivings and hype around what I thought of working in a startup with sincere hope that it helps others discover their own dream startup(s) to work for.

What is a startup?

In the Business world, a startup is a company which has just entered a business. It’s very new to industry, and may not be known to many.

A startup is much like a fresher coming out of college, passionate, loves to learn, explore different things, thinks about changing the world on his own and puts in all his energy to succeed.

A Fresher coming out from college is young and dynamic, full of energy, grab on any opportunities and learns lessons along the way to succeed. Similarly a startup is a company which has just entered into business, is young, has some risk taking capabilities focuses on solving a problem in its domain and learns along the way to get better.

Why would you choose to work in a startup?

Choosing to work in a startup over an established organization is a debate that’s going on for a long time now, and it’s mostly a person’s choice of which one you prefer. Personally I feel I have a much clearer picture of how different is working in a startup versus working in an established organization, Since I have worked 9 years with product based Big Guns(think really big and industry leaders, like adobe, microsoft, and likes) in the industry before making my way to UrbanClap — A startup which has been in the industry for a mere 4 years now.(3 years at the time I took this decision). I will try and explain this from an Engineer’s view point.

What made me choose UrbanClap over a Big Gun Tech Company?

Most people who choose an already established company, they choose it to make their life stable, and choose these big guns over startups for one major reason, which is security.
But working with a Big gun makes their life so boring and gives them no opportunity to stand out of the crowd. This was also true with me as well and that’s when I decided TO CREATE A LARGER IMPACT, and joined UrbanClap.

UrbanClap, a relatively new word in this industry, a tech startup, but the problem it is solving is something unique which intrigued me for getting into it. UrbanClap is an online platform for service man like carpenter , electrician , plumber, or even painters and packers and movers etc.

It is a platform which provides job opportunities to a lot of people including carpenter, electrician, plumber and let them dream big for their future and help them being a CEO on their own and work independently. On the other hand it also gives an opportunity and ease to its customers to help find solutions to their basic needs of finding a beauticians, makeup artists, ac technicians, carpenters, plumbers, painters with the greatest quality and assurance.

Benefits of working with UrbanClap

UrbanClap, being a mediator for solving problem for a lot of people, and giving new wings to a lot of people, it’s the power of tech that made all of this possible.

As a company, Urbanclap,still in its early days, trying to solve a unique problem which has not been solved by anyone else in the country. This is the first platform of its kind which is creating such a large scale impacts in the lives of carpenter, electrician, plumber.

As an Engineer,and from a tech stand point, there are multiple reasons for working in UrbanClap, however If I have to list down top 5 reasons for working with UrbanClap, I would list them as follows

Sense of Ownership –

Talking about the impact that an engineer wants to create in the tech world with the help of his skills, ownership plays a crucial role. Working in a tech startup like UrbanClap, Each individual is important in shaping the goals of the company and help in achieving those goals.

With only 60 odd tech people, shaping the future of the company, which has just turned into 100 crore yearly revenue club, think of the impact and ownership each one holds.

This sense of belongingness is not possible in a company which is already established where you feel lost in the crowd. The chances of standing out in an established company is way more difficult than in a startup. And same is the case with Urbanclap, where you feel responsible for the change that you are creating and the role that you play in its initial journey.

Openness and Flat Hierarchy –

One big difference that I have felt between two different companies, in two different stages of its evolution is how differently they operate.

An Established company will have a lot of levels in the ladder of growth. And the amount of openness in its environment tends to zero. In an Established company, if you want to talk to even a Senior Manager, it would be difficult to get hold of his calendar, forget a VP, Director or Founder or CEO.

However, it’s quite the opposite in UrbanClap. Along with the ownership that you get, you also get so much open environment that you can literally go to the co founders for even chit chat, taking advice in your tech world, talking about football or even politics and they would love it. And not just this, the environment is so healthy that even the VPs and Founders can help you in almost anything, Moreover they even code and can help you review your code, solve any technical problem or review the code for you even at the granular level. A healthy environment with such open culture is what makes UrbanClap stands out and extracts the best from an Engineer.

Great Learning Opportunities –

As definition, a startup is a company which has just entered a business. So this is also an opportunity for a Tech Enthusiast to learn, because in a startup, there is a lot to be done. It’s in its initial phase, and a company in its initial phase has lot to achieve. So the amount of work that needs to be done to achieve those tremendous goals is just like the sky.

However in an already established company, a lot of work is already done and all you would end up doing is cleaning up someone else’s code, which was probably written years back.

Working on Latest Tech Stack –

Talking about the tech stack, since startup is a company that has just came into existence, you would always work on the latest technologies around the world. Be it NodeJS on the backend, Angular/Kotlin/Swift on the frontend, MondoDB, MySql on the Database layers or AWS on the infra level.

Working in UrbanClap opens up opportunities to learn almost every new technology in the tech world.

However in an already established company, you would have to work on the code piece which was probably 10 years old. And a 10 year old code would obviously be on 10 year old tech stack.

Getting Early into UrbanClap –

All things aside, this is probably the biggest reasons of why I love working at UrbanClap.

To create the kind of impact and to be a part of this journey, it’s important for anyone to enter into the company at the right time.

Any company takes its journey from a startup to becoming an established company only once, and the ones who share this journey stand out from the rest who join them afterwards and follows them.

Along with all the impact that you create in your personal world with the vast exposure and experience you get by getting early in company like UrbanClap, the reward of shares and stocks can’t just be ignored, while working with UrbanClap. A company that’s growing 3X YOY, these rewards in terms of stocks are just priceless.

Working in a startup is a rejoicing experience, and to me UrbanClap stands out for the ownership it gives, our team camaraderie and impact we create for our stakeholders (especially our providers). . We are solving for final frontier of marketplaces. The problems we are solving are not only extremely hard but unique. There are no global counterparts to our business model and we take great pride in being an India-first innovation in the services marketplace. We recently opened international operations with UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) in addition to our existing 14 Indian markets — if early trends are any indicator, I expect us to be in all top global cities in a few years. This said, it still Day 1 for us, with miles to traverse ahead.

About the author: Vinay Sachdeva is part of the engineering team, leading a full-stack pod that solves for customer / partner support & recovery by building automation, workflows, infrastructure and products.

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