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Meet Dheeraj Singh Rawat, who joined us almost 5 years ago, in July 2018, and is currently the Associate Vice President in Appliance and Repairs Training Team at Urban Company.

Similar to his nature of work, Dheeraj enjoys being physically active, and spends quite a lot of time engaging in sports. He is someone who loves a good walk in the morning while listening to his favorite podcasts. And when he’s commuting to work, listening to music rejuvenates him and helps him prepare for the day.

Being the social person that Dheeraj is, he also likes to go on vacations and spend time with his family and friends.

Read on to find out how Dheeraj leads and motivates his team.

Dheeraj Singh Rawat, Associate Vice President, Appliance and Repairs Training

What was your journey to joining Urban Company, and how have you grown since joining?

Prior to UC, I worked with Samsung, Godrej and BPL and gained a wealth of experience and technical expertise. While my technical and tactical proficiency grew massively there, I got a lot of exposure to Business acumen when I moved to UC.

I got the opportunity to work as a business leader rather than just a technical leader. My nagging for innovation has also taken a huge leap here, resulting in wonderful learning opportunities for me.

Over the last 5 years, we have launched and scaled multiple industry-evolving products and services here.

What is something unique about your team here?

In the endeavour to cultivate an agile mindset, we, in the Training Team at UC work in a slightly different way.

We focus on understanding each other as team members, collaborating, learning, and staying flexible to achieve high-performing results.

Consequently, the training team works with a very high level of camaraderie and is known in UC for their high levels of ownership and discipline.

Dheeraj, along with his team of Urban Company’s AC Training Team, January 2023

What is the most common challenge that managers face while leading teams?

In my opinion, the truth is that not all team members come with the same level of skill and capability. A manager, along with managing his own time and bandwidth, has to ensure that he hits the right points. That is a common challenge faced by many.

Spending the right amount of time with the right team member and attacking the right set of problems is pivotal. Making the team successful despite having members with variable capabilities is what makes it fun.

You end up doing the right thing in terms of every team member’s development as well.

What’s your personal mantra, and where did it come from?

My personal mantra is focusing on mentee development, which came about as a result of the UC environment.

Seeing senior leadership take the right course of action at the right time, recognize talent, and provide opportunities is one of the things that makes UC one of the best companies to work for.

When I look at teammates who I’m mentoring and compare their output with what I am doing, I hope to keep their best interests at mind, and help in their overall development in the years to come.

This way, I end up setting the right expectations and benchmarks for myself as well as my team. I also firmly believe that during tough times, a leader must navigate the team out of the adversities himself, staying till the end to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

What is a piece of advice you give to new managers at Urban Company?

For new managers, one simple thing that drives accountability is daily catch ups with the teammates.

This simply helps in ensuring day-on-day movement and the ideal speed of execution.

On a larger note, I would recommend breaking your overall 6 month goals into daily, weekly and monthly goals. Long-term success becomes very easy if you consistently exceed your short-term goals.

Sounds like fun?
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