Urban Company’s Rewards Philosophy

By — Sana Nayyar (VP, People Operations)

The Reward Philosophy

We have three absolute core reward principles –

  • Employees will be value driven
  • The organisation will be fair to all internally which means “equal pay for equal work”
  • Exceptional performers will see exceptional success in the long term

Value-driven organisation

Urban Company values teams that are driven by the pursuit of creating impact. As an organisation, we have an undying spirit to create immense value for our consumers and partners by delivering on our mission to empower millions of professionals worldwide to deliver services at home like never experienced before. This needs individuals who buy into the mission and want to push their personal limits to create value as a team. Such individuals measure their personal success in the value they create over time.

  • Strive to create value: Success for the company, or an individual, comes by first creating value. Hence, we like conversations that are about “how you will create impact” before “how you will see success”.
  • Link your success to company’s success: The most powerful way to get rewarded is to link your success to the company’s success. Every ounce of value created adds to success for you directly then. This is why Urban Company has an ESOP program. ESOPs allow employees to be a stakeholder in the company. This means that as the company grows, so do you — you become a part of that success story.
  • ESOPs are the highest form of reward: The fast growth nature of our company makes ESOPs the highest form of reward, this is where we believe we can enable & create wealth for all employees.

Fair to all

Urban Company is a workplace that values fairness and merit. We strive for doing the right thing for each employee based on the merit of their work.

  • Employees doing the same role should have similar compensation at joining
  • Employees with equivalent performance at a level should have similar reward (increments, bonuses, esops, etc)
  • It is fair but not exact, we don’t encourage comparisons and once you join, it boils down to value creation

Rockstars will see non-linear rewards

We are a place for high-achievers and promote a culture of pushing our own personal boundaries and unlocking our ability. In this spirit, we strive to ensure that we create a highly successful path for the best performers who have the highest bar and expectation from themselves creating the most impact in the organization.

  • A performance-linked rewards payout: We believe in enabling best performers to earn outsized rewards which will, in turn, drive better performance both for the employee and for the organization
  • Best performers get the best rewards: We believe that the most valuable reward of ESOPs is best suited to give high performers. The impact they create serves the mission well in the long run, hence they should also benefit from the success of the company in the long run.
  • Best performers see a faster growth trajectory: At Urban Company, everyone can reach the pinnacle of their profession. Time and skill aren’t eligibility criteria, ability and impact are. This means that you can unlock different career paths, reach more senior positions faster if you are a consistently good performer who creates high impact.

How To Use This Philosophy?

With a clear philosophy in place, we will derive frameworks and policies. This means, that our new-hire rewards program, our performance-review cycles, our promotion and increments philosophy – will all reflect and put-to-use the basic ethos of our Rewards Philosophy.



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