UCG TRUST proves the demand for lending in the Indian market

UCG lending platform provides a simplified procedure of credit rating. The developed instrument enables small companies to secure UCG TRUST lending funds in advance.

According to Mark Adams, CEO of UCG Marketplace LTD, the common process of loan pre-qualification takes up from two to four hours.

“A set of automated processes of borrower pre-qualification without requiring due diligence to begin online investing is exactly what makes the credit rating instrument unique and invaluable for both lenders and borrowers.”

It takes less than fifteen minutes to fill out the online loan pre-qualification form without the need to upload documents.

Next year the platform is expected to issue $35 million worth of loans to companies on the Indian market, and this instrument will enhance the growth of indicators based on an advanced harmonization of all processes.

Automation aids will attract more investors to UCG TRUST platform, since this improves the quality of information used as background for investment decision-making. This will boost the efficiency of the lending process thus fostering the growth of small business in India.

Since the launch of UCG Lending platform in India in 2016 till the present 280 loans of over $11 million were issued; however, considering that Indian is one of the world leaders in terms of growth rate of the economy, this indicator will grow in the following two years.

Expert Comments:

According to financial analyst Jason Stanley, investors are looking for profitable areas of investment without falling outside the range of the risk curve, thus P2P is most likely to excite considerable interest as the new investment area.

UCG TRUST is a great example of actual shattering banking stereotypes; creating a platform for crowdfunding and equal-opportunity lending is the future trend for the world non-banking system”, added Jason Stanley.