Refer Me Wins the 2016 App Challenge!

This year’s App Challenge competition was fiercer than ever, and Refer Me beat ENGAGE and VidVelocity for the $10,000 prize awarded by UChicagoTech. Congratulations to Nucha Isarowong (SSA) and Dana Weiner and Mike Stiehl (Chapin Hall)!

CIO, Cole Camplese, presents the winners of the App Challenge.

ReferMe seeks to establish a widely available social service and resource directory that is accessible in the field and can be maintained and updated utilizing the collective efforts of those who use and benefit from it the most, the human services professionals and social service organizations.

Together, the ReferMe team has the subject-matter expertise, access to the knowledge and experience that established the existing SPD, and the leverage to carry the SPD through this innovation, as well the potential to take this model to other states across the country. As stated on the video: “The need is real. The solution is long overdue. The opportunity is clear and present.”

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