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How to Run a Design Jam

This face-to-face mini-sprint kickstarted our remote team’s design project

We’re jammin’.
The team. L-to-R: Felicia Wang, Tim George, David Nguyen [our mentor], Aaron Soto, Steve Ngo. Not pictured: Katie Jones.

The Team



Flare and Focus 1: How Might We?

“How Might We” exercise — before and after.
Having a remote teammate didn’t hold us back, but it took work to keep the process inclusive.

Flare and Focus 2: 2x2 Decision Matrix

The top right quadrant was the sweet spot: not too difficult to prototype, not too boring.


Rapid Prototyping

User Testing

Taking notes in the viewing room

Lessons Learned

Validating ideas through user testing is really hard.

In-person ideating made the whole thing worth it.

Team momentum matters. A jam can help.



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