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Interview with Professor Kevin Werbach for Blockchain Rules Podcast Series

Dr. Giovanna Massarotto, Programme Coordinator of the UCL Blockchain Rules Online Programme interviews today Kevin Werbach, author of the book “The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust (MIT Press)” Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and Counsel for New Technology Policy at the Federal Communications Commission (1994–1998) during the president Clinton administration.

Kevin Werbach is a well-known American academic, businessman and author. He founded the Supernova Group, a technology analysis and consulting firm, served as an editor of Release 1.0 (1998–2002) and on 14 November 2008, President Barack Obama selected Prof. Werbach to lead the review of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Werbach has also served on the Board of Directors of the TPRC Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy (2003–Present), is a Fellow at the Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan (2002–Present), and sat on the Advisory Board of Knowledge@Wharton (2005–Present), Public Knowledge (2002–Present) and Socialtext (2003–Present).

In this interview Dr. Giovanna Massarotto and Professor Kevin Werbach discussed some of the topics which will be covered in UCL Blockchain Rules Online Programme. To learn more about the programme please follow this link.




The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) is a think-tank that promotes integration of blockchain and DLT into our socio-economic system.

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