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2021 recap with UCoin!

2021 is coming to a close, and we are happy to say that this year has been a great one for our project: we have achieved much, so why not go over the results of our hard work?

UCoin got listed on several large exchanges:









We have built and released our own platform, Ubis, which has been seeing more and more use: https://ubisplatform.com/index.php/login

UCoin is moving up in South America: we’re implementing a number of initiatives in the region that are designed to boost crypto adoption. For example, we are developing Utransfer there: the service is designed to enable local citizens to enjoy the cryptocurrency conversion service to fiduciary currencies through settlements in dollars both in banks in Ecuador with its main ally Amazonas Bank and other international allied banks.

Ucoin has formalized an alliance with Amazonas Bank and Procash Company for the purchase of pre-owned and new cars with cryptocurrencies in Ecuador. Transactions will be made in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Ucoin through the Ubis platform for crypto purchases!

Our coin has been added to CoinmarketCap and Coingecko, so you can track them there:



We have even more new projects and initiatives ahead, stay along for the ride!



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