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Countries that are using cryptocurrency

There is a reason we have decided to touch upon this topic: the more people around the world use Bitcoin and other crypto, the more benefits the industry and all of its participants get to enjoy! Here at UCoin we work hard to ensure our users always have easy access to their money from anywhere and at any time. Ubis and UCoin are used all across the globe, but let’s have a look at the stats for the entire crypto market.

So, 32% of Nigerians own Bitcoin, the highest percentage in the world — this is the conclusion that Statista analysts have arrived at in their research into cryptocurrency use by country.

Nigeria is indeed the first among the countries that are using/owns Bitcoin. Vietnam (21%) goes second, followed by the Philippines with 20%. Other countries included on the list were Turkey, Peru, Switzerland, India, China, U.S, Germany, and Japan.

In most countries, currency collapses have caused hardship to most people. Argentina, Brazil, China, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, South Africa, and Lebanon, for instance, have all gone through at least one currency devaluation cycle since the 1970s. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has a fixed and predetermined monetary policy.

The research provides yet another proof that cryptocurrencies are gaining a wider and wider adoption across the globe!

And where are you from? Let us know in the comments!




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