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Cryptocurrency Market News Digest

We’re continuing our tradition: every week UCoin will be publishing a short weekly cryptocurrency market news digest for you to stay informed on the latest trends. In this edition we look at what happened from 26 of April through 01 of May.

Ethereum Price Surpassed $3200

On Monday the price of the second-largest cryptocurrency reached its new all-time high at $3200.

Bitcoin Price Recovery

The week started with bitcoin dipping shortly below $50,000. The price has since recovered, and by the end of the week the digital gold of crypto climbed back to the $56,000-$57,000 region.

Tesla Sold $272M Worth Of BTC

Tesla has reported $101 million in profits from selling BTC. According to Elon Musk, the electric car manufacturer sold just 10% of its holdings to prove liquidity.

“Disaster Girl” NFT Photo Sold For 180 ETH

The woman behind the viral “Disaster Girl” photo, Zoe Roth, has sold the picture as an NFT for 180 ETH. The non-fungible token was bought by someone under the name of 3FMusic.

PayPal Reports Unexpected Crypto Demand

The CEO of the company has said that the demand for crypto has been multiple-fold of what they had expected. He added that in the coming 5–10 years the financial system will go through more changes than in the last 10–20 years.

Of course, there was more news last week, so if we missed an important story, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we will be happy to discuss it with you!



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