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Cryptocurrency Market News Digest 30.08.2021–05.09.2021

We’re continuing our tradition: every week UCoin will be publishing a short weekly cryptocurrency market news digest for you to stay informed on the latest trends. In this edition we look at what happened from 30 of August through 5 of September.

📌Bitcoin price hits $51,000. Ethereum exceeds $3,950.

📌ECB vice-president said what crypto should be regulated, not banned.

📌Cardano (ADA) developers add smart contracts to their test net.

📌Buterin suggests Dogecoin (DOGE) moves to PoS using Ethereum (ETH) code.

📌Bithumb to ban trading Bitcoin to unverified foreigners.

Of course, there was more news last week, so if we missed an important story, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we will be happy to discuss it with you!



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