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UCoin Platforms

UCoin is more than just a coin, it’s a multi-featured ecosystem that consists of several platforms each of which has its own set of features and advantages. Let’s go over the features included in our system and its other aspects in this post.

Ubis transactional platform — will allow users to perform different functions, such as storing their funds in the digital platform, sending and receiving currency and ect. It is the gateway to the UCoin ecosystem!

Utransfer — will provide our users with multiple advantages such as cross-border exchange, payment and sending of money, both fiduciary and cryptocurrency, Instant money transfers. It is Utransfer that enables such features as bank card payments, bank transfers, prepaid cards.

Ucustody is a digital regulated custodial services platform. We take great care about digitalization, which is why our platform allows digitizing and material assets and securely storing them this way.

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