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UCoin VS Bitcoin

Have you ever thought about the difference between UCoin and Bitcoin? We won’t even shy away from asking if UCoin is better than Bitcoin!

In today’s post we will compare the two cryptocurrencies and their main parameters:

Transactions per second: 7 trxs/sec (BTC) vs 20 trxs/sec (UCoin)
Ecosystem: no (BTC) vs UCoin Business Ecosystem
Block’s time: 10 minutes (BTC) vs 15 seconds (UCoin)
Transaction speed max-min: 10 minutes — 1 week (BTC) vs 15 seconds — 3 minutes (UCoin)
Financial Services: no (BTC) vs yes (UCoin)
Client Onboarding: no (BTC) vs Ubb platform (UCoin)
Digital Custodial Services: no (BTC) vs Ucustody (UCoin)
Global Money Transfer: no (BTC) vs Utransfer (UCoin)
Decentralized applications: no (BTC) vs Ethereum Dapps (UCoin)
Smart Contracts: Only with Omnilayer (BTC) vs Ethereum Smart Contracts (UCoin)
Prepaid Cards: no (BTC) vs yes (UCoin)
Digital Banking Platform: no (BTC) vs yes (UCoin)
Secondary Market: yes (BTC) vs yes (UCoin)
Auditable: no (BTC) vs yes (UCoin)
Centralized: yes (BTC) vs no (UCoin)
Digital wallet: yes (BTC) vs yes (UCoin)

What do you think about this comparison? Share your opinion in the comments!




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