8 year old veteran and still learning — the Abhinav Tyagi story

“I am still learning” — Michelangelo at the age of 87
Abhinav Tyagi

Technology is constantly upgrading itself to a better version. We also need to keep up with the change. Thus, learning never stops.

At Udacity, we continuously are revamping the courses and teaching techniques to keep up with changing trends. We come across students who have years of experience in the work industry and still continue to learn to keep themselves updated. Let’s read more about Abhinav Tyagi.

Abhinav has an experience of 8 years in the industry and 5 years of experience in Android. He is one of our Android Nanodegree student and a Top Forum Contributor.

An Electronics engineer, Abhinav ventured into programming in 2008 with Computer Science Corporation. He learnt Java programming and worked with Sun Microsystem. He came across, J2ME and it excited him to deploy and run the code on a mobile phone. It found it similar to deploying programs on hardware as back in college. Working on mobile programming was different from usual work of working on web services.

Abhinav also started to devote extra time to initiatives running in the company. One of it was with Blackberry applications. He learnt the platform, developed application for the Blackberry Playbook. This won him a Playbook before the global launch of the product. Here onwards he received recognition in the office and started building applications for playbook. This got him many Blackberry devices and monetary rewards. Abhinav has various apps in the Blackberry Appworld.

Between 2010–11, Abhinav initiated the setting up of a Center of Excellence in CSC, Noida. This marked the setting up of first Center of Excellence outside USA. When CSC got Android projects he took them up because of his experience in Java.

Abhinav learnt Android through the official documentation and stackoverflow. This is when, he switched his role and moved to Android development. He also developed various Android apps.

In 2013, Abhinav joined Genpact as a Principal Consultant. He researched for CVS Health and his implementation with Radius Networks was featured in Google I/O 2016.

Abhinav got introduced to the Android Nanodegree with its announcement in the Google I/O.

“Through the Nanodegree, I learnt many new concepts that I had never worked upon. I learnt various new techniques and best practices about the platform”, says Abhinav.

He decided to take up the Nanodegree to get a well-structured knowledge of the platform. He also felt that through the Nanodegree he could fill in gaps he had in his experience with Android app development.

Abhinav says, “The online course gives working professionals the flexibility to learn whenever they want to and at their own pace. Experience holders can skip the basics if needed. But the advance part of the course helps you catch up with the latest trends in the technology. There are many technical details and methods we do not encounter on a daily basis but they tend to make work easier and thus are good to be learnt”

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