From Mechanical Engineering to Android Developer — the Niharika Sharma story

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Experiments result in discoveries and inventions. We experiment on ways to make better careers for our students. We also come across stories of students who experiment with their careers to make them more interesting.

Niharika Sharma has an amusing story. From being a Mechanical Engineer to a Human Resource Manager to becoming an Android Developer. Let’s read more about her here -

Niharika graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2013. She started her career in Mechanical Engineering but soon lost interest in pursuing it. She then moved to Bangalore in 2014 and started working in as an Human Resource Manager in a firm.

“I was dealing with recruitment and handling clients as and when required. But I was not satisfied at all. I used to talk to software engineers, as part of recruitment and soon started feeling like to be on the other side of the phone.”, says Niharika.

One day while reading some articles in office, she came across an article on Bluetooth Smart. She was completely blown away by the fact that how Android is changing people’s lives. Evolving from a simple operating system for smartphones, it is now powering smart watches, smart TVs, smart ACs and even satellite.

Niharika says, “That was the moment when I realized I want to be a part of it too. I would love to develop something which can create a big impact on our day-to-day lives.”

At this moment, Niharika started the search for a coaching to learn Android. This is when Udacity was introducing the Android Nanodegree in India. She considered online education because it would fit in flexibly with her work hours. The fact that the Android Nanodegree was co-created by Google was one big reason for her to look no further and begin her Android journey with Udacity.

Niharika has no formal Computer Science degree or any knowledge of programming. This made it difficult to cope up in the beginning since everything was new. There were moments when she had to spend hours over one bug. But she aced through it with the help of discussion forums and 1-on-1s.

Into her third month of the Android Nanodegree, Niharika started working as an Android developer for a Bangalore based startup.

Niharika says, “If it wasn’t for them I would not have been so confident today without a formal degree in computer science. So, once I finish my Nanodegree, I can say, I may not have degree in computer science but I have “Nanodegree in Android Development”.

No programming experience? No problem! You can still develop Android apps through the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google.