AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #3 Virginia Roberts

Kate Rotondo
Jul 21, 2016 · 2 min read
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AltConf 2016 was an incredible event, and Udacity’s iOS team was thrilled to be there. Especially because we got to sit down with a total who’s who of iOS developers for a series of Fireside Chats, each of which we’ll be sharing here on Medium!

Our third AltConf 2016 Fireside Chat features Virginia Roberts. Virginia is a Program Manager at Microsoft and former online dating coach, as well as an emcee and fundraiser for App Camp for Girls.

What We Talked About

Virginia’s AltConf talk, “Sell Out and Save the World,” is about why she quit running an indie business and took a corporate job, and how that enabled her to have a greater impact on—and involvement with—her volunteer work around introducing young girls to coding. She addressed how to leverage established companies’ larger networks and deeper pockets to do more good in the world, and gave tips for how anyone can get involved with organizations helping to increase tech diversity in their local communities.


No matter how disparate your past experiences may be, they can nonetheless very positively inform your future as you work towards career advancement, and career change. Understanding your own values, both inside and outside of work, is a critical part of this process. Please enjoy our full conversation with Virginia, as her insights around these concepts are truly inspiring!

Virginia Roberts on the web:

Please stay tuned for Fireside Chat #4 featuring iOS engineer Zev Eisenberg!

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