AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #8 Elvis Nuñez

Welcome to Episode 8 in our series of AltConf 2016 Fireside Chats, in which we enjoy some iOS insights coming all the way from Norway!

Elvis Nuñez is an iOS Developer at Bakken & Bæck in Oslo, Norway. He is also the organizer of CocoaHeads Oslo and Dribbbleriet, a meetup focused on design, interaction, and illustration.

What We Talked About

We covered a lot of ground during our talk, and Elvis was able to offer some great perspective on the experience of working in other countries, and how to get started doing so. We also discussed the kinds of skills you’ll need to land your first iOS job. Some of the most valuable insights Elvis had to offer had to do with problem-solving — how to identify problems, find simple solutions, and especially, how to get “unstuck” on the really difficult challenges. His advice for students was fantastic — for example, when problem-solving, he advises developers to think “how many buttons can I remove and still solve this problem?” — a wonderful tip for framing your thoughts when building mobile products!

Developers, when problem-solving, ask yourself, “how many buttons can I remove and still solve this problem?”


Elvis’ story speaks to the challenges that still face those learning and looking for jobs across the globe. His journey from Peru to Norway, and his transformation from iOS user to developer, is really inspiring, and represents a viable pathway to success that others can both learn from and follow.

Enjoy our complete talk with Elvis below!

Elvis Nunez on the web

Please stay tuned for Fireside Chat #9 featuring Gregory Raiz! (CEO and software developer at RaizLabs, and an original founder of AltConf)

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