Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program Syllabus, In Depth

Deep Learning is used in Google’s famous AlphaGo AI. Source: DeepMind

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Week 1: Types of machine learning, when to use machine learning

Week 2: Neural Network Architecture + Types (numerical classification)

Example network architecture. Source: Andrej Karpathy

Week 3: Cloud computing + sentiment analysis (text classification)

Week 4: Math notation + recommendation systems (algebra, calculus, matrix math)

Netflix is just one of many companies that use recommendation systems in their product.

Week 5: Data preparation (cleaning, regularization, dimensionality reduction)

Week 6: Drone image tracking (image classification with CNNs)

In this lesson, we’ll use Convolutional Neural Networks to perform image classification.

Week 7: Stock prediction (regression with RNNs)

Recurrent Neural Network architecture. Source: Andrej Karpathy

Week 8: Art generation (transfer learning)

Source: L. Gatys e. al “A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style” (2015).

Week 9: Music generation (LSTMs applied to Audio)

Wavenet. Source: DeepMind

Week 10: Poetry generation (LSTMs applied to NLP)

Week 11: Language translation (sequence to sequence)

An example Sequence to Sequence Network Architecture. Source: Sutskever et. al

Week 12: Chatbot QA System with voice (sequence to sequence more in-depth)

Here, you’ll use Deep Learning to build your very own Chatbot. Chatbots Magazine

Week 13: Game bot 2D (Reinforcement Learning via Monte-Carlo tree search)

The classic Atari game of Space Invaders is one of many games you can win with Reinforcement Learning

Week 14: Image compression (Autoencoders)

Week 15: Data visualization (anomaly detection results in 2D and 3D)

Week 16: Image generation (generative adversarial networks)

Images generated from a Generative Adversarial Network are becoming more and more realistic. Source: OpenAI

Week 17: One-shot learning (Probabilistic Programming)

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