Race Self-Driving Cars With Udacity!

We’ll bring the car & the sensors, you bring the team & the drive

Oliver Cameron
Feb 1, 2017 · 4 min read
Self-Racing Cars 2016

Self-Driving Car students, we’ve got big news! Udacity & PolySync are providing a self-driving-ready vehicle for the next Self-Racing Cars event, and we are recruiting a student team to write the software and compete to win fastest lap!

As you know, we ❤️ self-driving cars at Udacity. Our Founder & President Sebastian Thrun built one of the first self-driving cars. We teach a self-driving car curriculum that has many thousands of enrolled & motivated students. And, we are building an open source self-driving car in collaboration with a community of autonomous car enthusiasts!

What is Self-Racing Cars?

Self-Racing Cars is an autonomous racing series. In the early days of car racing, competitors had to build their vehicles before racing them. It was as much an engineering competition as it was a race. This event rekindles that spirit of engineering and creativity.

What is “The Challenge?”

We’re challenging a team of Udacity students (apply below!) to write the software that races a Kia Soul (with OSCC and sensors) around Thunderhill West. PolySync will generously be providing the car.

  1. We will be competing for fastest full track lap, in our open source self-driving car
The PolySync Kia Soul, based on OSCC. This is the car you’ll be using (sensors TBD)

How do I join the Udacity student team?

First, you must be currently enrolled in the Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree. If you are, and you’re interested in applying for the challenge, head here and fill out this form (or see below). Read it carefully, and fill it out with as much detail as possible (assume that you’re competing with a few hundred applicants). We anticipate the eventual team will be about 10 students, but we may go up or down depending on how many applications we get.

Apply now!

When will I know if I’m on the team?

We’ll share news within the next 2 weeks (by February 14th) via email. Get your applications in now!

What sort of approach will impress Udacity judges who are picking the team?

We’re looking for solutions that utilize deep learning and have minimal sensor cost in mind. Any experience in that area, or building self-driving cars in general, is a big plus.

Why do I want to be on the team?

If you’re looking to launch or advance a career in self-driving cars, I can’t think of a better way to prove that you’re awesome (t0 employers and the world)!

Who will the Udacity student team collaborate with, and how?

We will select team members (around 10) from the qualified applicant pool, and then appoint a team leader. This team leader will be responsible for organizing how collaboration happens, and communicating with Udacity on progress. Udacity will cover any (reasonable!) bills that result from this collaboration (things like pizza, GitHub subscriptions etc.).

Apply to join the Udacity Student team ✏️

As we count down the days until April 1st, please enjoy this video from last years amazing Self-Racing Cars event—this ought to get you pumped!

Self-Racing Cars 2016

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