Run Your Code on Our Self-Driving Car

From September 13th through September 27th, we are inviting you to apply to enroll in our Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program, a comprehensive curriculum led by Google Self-Driving Car (and Udacity) founder Sebastian Thrun. Head here to read more information and apply. Act fast, as there are only limited spots available!

Our amazing program partners are Mercedes-Benz, Otto, Nvidia and Didi Chuxing!

Why do I believe this is Udacity’s biggest launch ever?

Run Your Code on a Real Self-Driving Car

Your code will run on this 2016 Lincoln MKZ, outfitted with LIDAR, RADAR, cameras and more

In this program, you will run your code on a real self-driving car (our Lincoln MKZ), and you will see (via livestream and a data feed) how it performs on a test track environment. This program is an interactive educational experience that you won’t find anywhere else on earth, with a price that’s less than one semester at many colleges.

Learn With The Best

You will learn the most modern techniques in autonomy, with the absolute best in the industry, as you delve into subjects including: deep learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, controllers, vehicle kinematics, automotive hardware and more. We have world-class autonomous vehicle engineers from Udacity, Mercedes-Benz, Otto, Nvidia and more contributing.

Job Partnerships

Otto was recently acquired by Uber for ~ $700m

We are partnering with industry leaders from around the world to get students jobs in this insane growth industry (Did you know that 4 of the 10 largest companies in the world, and all major car manufacturers, are creating self-driving vehicles?). The intellectual, ethical and product challenges this industry faces are in their infancy, and it will require an abundance of curious and talented engineers to bring autonomy to the mass-market. Be among the first to start building the future, today!

Excited Yet?

You will be learning how to build an actual self-driving car. I cannot overstate the immense feeling of awe and responsibility you’ll experience when you are controlling a 2-ton vehicle with a bunch of Ubuntu machines. There’s nothing like it, and we want each and every one of our students to have this awe-inspiring (and potentially career-defining!) experience.

World-Wide Impact

Just some of the tens of thousands of students interested in the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program!

Our goal is to unite everyone together in this transportation revolution, whether you’re in Spain, Mongolia, Brazil, the USA or anywhere. Udacity enjoys a wonderfully global reach, and connecting curious and knowledgeable learners and mentors from around the world is what we do best. Udacity is always just a few minutes away, from anywhere in the world!

Excited? We most certainly are! Apply today to join our first group of enrolled students, and please let me know what you think about this post, about this program, and about self-driving cars! I’m at Thanks for reading!

Apply today!