Talkin’ Self-Driving Cars with Sebastian Thrun and Danny Shapiro

Tonight, August 26th, at 7pm PDT, Self-Driving Car enthusiasts have a rare opportunity to watch two titans of the field go deep into their favorite subject!

Sebastian Thrun (Udacity, Google X) and Danny Shapiro (Head of Autonomous Vehicles, NVIDIA) will be giving a joint talk at a sold-out Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence ( event held at Udacity’s Mountain View offices tonight, and Udacity is livestreaming the whole thing!

To get some insight on where Udacity and NVIDIA are going in the field, please enjoy the following two videos. The first is the trailer for Udacity’s new Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program (the only place in the world where you can actually study to become a Self-Driving Car Engineer!). The second comes from NVIDIA, and is entitled “Watch NVIDIA’S Autonomous Car Drive Through Snow and Winding Roads” (which is pretty self-explanatory!). Enjoy!

Please join us for the livestream tonight! Just click, bookmark, and set your alarm!