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The Next Generation Programmer

A look at the ideas of the latest cohort of Udacity students

We have some amazing students at Udacity, many of whom are building truly world-changing things. I want to share just a few stories from students of our latest Nanodegree, Android Basics by Google.


You’re getting such an immediate response, because I’m a nurse who works evenings. You asked about what inspired folks to the pre-register for the program, I think would be amazing to be able to write a healthcare app. To contribute both the content, and the magic behind it.
Meet Tricia!
I hope to write an app related to blood borne pathogen exposures, that’s when you get exposed to another person’s blood or bodily fluids, often through a contaminated sharp or a splash to a mucous membrane. Currently, that is my nursing specialty. When it happens folks understandably become very anxious. Wouldn’t it be great if they had an app to give them all the answers they neede at the moment they want it? That’s why I signed up, to get information to people when they need it.


Brandon now works for Google!


About me, my name is Maria. I am a Army Veteran and now I am a DOD contractor working overseas in Afghanistan for the U.S. military. I have been doing Information Technology for about 14 years and currently I am a System Administrator over here.
Meet Maria!
I chose Udacity and this program because I am currently taking Android Development Nanodegree and it would be a good foundation and supplement for my advanced class. I have been wanting to get into programming from an early age but not having a 4 year degree has hindered that dream.
I hope with Udacity I will have the skills and credentials to be able to land my dream job of being a Android Developer.


My name is Dana. I am a 41 year old Locomotive Engineer for the railroad and I want to change careers and become an an Android developer. I am taking the Intro to Programming Nanodegree right now. My wife and my 3 sons are all taking the Android Basics Nanodegree as well, with the intention of taking the Android Developers Nanodegree when we graduate from the Android Basics Nanodegree. A house full of 5 Android developers is our goal.

Working alongside students like Tricia, Brandon, Maria, and Dana makes coming to work every day incredibly rewarding. There are no other challenges on earth I’d rather be working on than the ones we take on at Udacity, fueling our students’ ideas with Nanodegrees like Android Basics by Google.