This Week at Udacity, July 14 edition

From a Single Satellite to AI-powered Music Videos, in just 55 Years

Telstar 1

When Udacity’s David Joyner delivered his weekly edition of This Week in Machine Learning, the first item in his article was about the rock band Muse, who just announced they’ll be releasing a different music video for their new single every day for a month, using AI to generate unique videos from a clip library. That struck us as a pretty impressive coming together of music and technology, but what really prompted the moment of reflection was the fact that this announcement came on the 55th anniversary of the launch of the world’s first communications satellite, Telstar. Amazing right? From a single satellite, to AI-powered music video production, in just 55 years.

Support Net Neutrality

People vary as to their preferred start date — maybe ARPANET adopting TCP/IP in 1983, or perhaps Tim Berners-Lee introducing the World Wide Web in 1989/90 — but we can all agree that the internet has charted a similarly rapid course of development, making it even more remarkable that we are already having to fight to preserve its free and open state. But that’s exactly what Wednesday, July 12 was all about. It was the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality, and we at Udacity made our position on the matter clear with this post: Support Net Neutrality.

Lifelong Learning, Student Success

As we noted in our Support Net Neutrality post:

“Lifelong learning opportunities are just one of countless vital services that a free and open internet makes possible, and that people rely on to realize their full potential in life.”

We were so happy this week to be able to share a wonderful student success story that really exemplifies how lifelong learners can achieve positive career change. Over on our company blog, Caroline Watson shared the story of Udacity Nanodegree program graduate Michael Overman, in a post entitled “Making A Change: How one Udacity student brightened his future with an exciting new career in technology”:

Michael experienced something we all encounter at one time or another; he felt stuck, frustrated, and unsure about his future. But Michael took it upon himself to make a change. He took inventory of himself and his past experience, identified elements of his existing skillset that could be leveraged to future benefit, and slowly but surely developed a way forward.

Inside the Mind of a Recruiter

Career change can be a nerve-wracking process, as can anything to do with seeking a job. Among the many mysteries you have to unravel is how to successfully engage with a recruiter. This week, we were able to offer you some serious insider insight on that very subject! Trinh Nguyen, who is part of our Udacity Careers team, interviewed Jason Wong, Udacity’s Head of Recruiting, and he gave her the inside scoop on SO many things having to do with recruiters, and the recruiting process. Here’s Jason on the issue of lying about your skills:

“You can’t save yourself after being caught lying about your skills, but if you’re honest, you can still make a case for yourself that you can learn those skills.”

TechCrunch Disrupt Ticket Giveaway

We made one decision this week that you really want to know about—we extended the deadline to win a ticket to TechCrunch Disrupt in SF! Learn more here!

How the Bay Area Took Over the Self-Driving Car Business

That headline comes from the San Francisco Chronicle, which just published a MAJOR story about Self-Driving Cars. And yes, Udacity and Sebastian Thrun make an appearance in the article. So that’s some big news for the week as well!

Tweet of the Week

And finally, the Tweet of the Week! We mentioned last week that we were getting ready to start celebrating our new Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree program graduates. Here is one of them right here—congratulations Jodie!

Ok, we’re going to cheat this week and have two tweets, because we can’t resist a Nicolas Cage gif! Our newest Nanodegree program is our React Developer program, and despite having only just launched, we’re already seeing the success stories emerging!

And THAT … is This Week at Udacity!


This post was written by Christopher Watkins, Senior Writer and Chief Words Officer, Udacity

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