Top 5 Accessibility Resources from the AEM Center at CAST

Luis Perez
May 16, 2019 · 3 min read
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National Center on Accessible Educational Materials | The AEM Center at CAST works to increase both the availability and use of high-quality accessible materials and technologies in education environments
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Illustrations representing the POUR design principles: content should be Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust to accommodate the needs of all individuals.
  • Teaching with Accessible Video: Video is the way many of our learners not only consume content for entertainment but also learn and access information. In this section of the AEM Center website, you will find resources to help you enhance and enrich your teaching with accessible videos that include captions and/or audio description. Like the UDL principles, the section explains the why, what and how of accessible video, with tips for how to incorporate video into flexible instruction, guidance for improving the quality of captioned and described content, and information about a range of tools for captioning and describing classroom videos (including a video tutorial on the free CADET software from the National Center on Accessible Media).
  • Getting Started with EPUB: An EPUB publication is essentially a website that has been compressed into a single file to make it easier to distribute across the web. Since the individual files inside an EPUB publication are created using standard web technologies such as HTML, this means that many of the accessibility best practices that apply to websites (including those outlined in Designing for Accessibility with POUR) are also applicable to EPUB publications. This page explains the benefits of the EPUB format, how to acquire and read EPUB publications, and the tools that are currently available for authoring EPUB publications.
  • Online Course on AEM: During the 2018–19 school year, the AEM Center offered a free online course targeted at new educators, but anyone with an interest in AEM was welcomed to join. While the formal course has now ended, all of the resources developed for it, including recordings from the webinars that kicked off each of the five modules, remain available on the AEM Center website. In keeping with the UDL principles of instructional design, each topic has varied options for independent practice and the provided resources (slide decks, handouts and recordings) model accessibility best practices.

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