#UDLchat: Engage the Brain

April 3, 2019
Co-hosts: Barb Gentille Green & Allison Posey

Watercolor painting of a human brain | Graphic by Cassandra Sell, © CAST 2018

As David Rose, co-founder of CAST — the organization that pioneered the UDL Framework and UDL Guidelines— so eloquently stated, “At its core, teaching is emotional work.” Allison Posey, in her book Engage the Brain: How to Design for Learning That Taps into the Power of Emotion from ASCD, asserts that learning is also emotional work.

Allison joined us as Barb’s guest host for #UDLchat this week, and our questions focused on themes throughout her book:

  • Q1: What do you do to ensure that learners perceive your learning environment and activities in a positive way, setting the emotional foundation for learning to occur?
  • Q2: How do you design, or coach others to design, learning environments to balance moments of attention and moments of self-reflection?
  • Q3: How do you help learners understand brain plasticity and how do you apply it to the design of your instruction?
  • Q4: What are your favorite ways to support learners in managing cognitive load (the amount of energy it takes to complete a task)

Check out the archive to find out how the participants responded:

How do you design learning experiences that tap into the power of emotions? Let us know in the comments or add your voice to the #UDLchat hashtag on Twitter. We’d love to welcome you there!