#UDLchat: Experience UDL

November 7, 2018 | Host: Barb Gentille Green

Classroom with a teacher and students| NeONBRAND on Unsplash

This week’s #UDLchat was inspired by Barb’s recent interactions with K-12 educators working to implement Universal Design for Learning in their learning environments. Educators often want to know what UDL “looks like” in someone else’s learning environment to have a model or example of successful implementation. But because UDL implementation is often context-dependent, we have to think differently about how we recognize UDL. So what should we “look for” to know we’re experiencing UDL?

Check out the question preview to see how Barb framed this important conversation:

  • Q1: We are with an educator as she intentionally plans instruction and the learning environment through the UDL lens. What might the educator be saying/thinking/wondering about?
  • Q2: We have entered a learning environment that was designed using the UDL framework. What might the educators and learners be saying?
  • Q3: We are taking pictures of a learning environment and learning activities that have been designed using the UDL framework. What might our picture album contain?
  • Q4: What questions would you ask to help someone move further along in their UDL learning journey?

To find out how our chat participants responded, check out the #UDLchat archive:

What are your UDL “look fors”? How do you know you’re experiencing UDL? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation using the #UDLchat hashtag on Twitter.