#UDLchat: Throwback Throwdown

March 6, 2019
Host: Joni Degner

Vintage Volkswagon Beetle | Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Where were you on May 16, 2013? Were you posting a Vine? Listening to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? Anxiously awaiting the impending birth of Prince George of Cambridge? Obsessed with Candy Crush?

The co-founders of #UDLchat know exactly what they were up to on that fateful evening — getting ready for the very first #UDLchat! Virtual strangers before embarking on this amazing journey together, Katie Novak, Elizabeth Stein, Ron Rogers, Kit Hard, and Mindy Johnson felt strongly that in order for Universal Design for Learning to spread widely as a field and a movement, people needed a readily accessible, just-in-time venue for support, questions, and sharing. And just like that, the grassroots #UDLchat community was born.

A lot has changed over the past 5+ years for our favorite UDL-focused Twitter chat, including cycling in some amazing new moderators (#UDLrockstars like Bryan Dean, Kimberly Coy, Barb Gentille Green, and Joni Degner) and inviting some incredible guest moderators to broaden and deepen our UDL conversations. But at its core is the original vision of the co-founders of #UDLchat: a vibrant community of professionals who are purposeful and motivated, resourceful and knowledgeable, and strategic and goal-directed in their interactions and learning. In other words, #UDLchat is a community of expert learners whose goal is to support all individuals in becoming expert learners, too.

Joni decided to revisit that very first chat and re-ask the original questions to our ever-expanding #UDLfam:

  • Q1: Describe UDL in 140 characters.
  • Q2: What drives your interest and passion for UDL?
  • Q3: What is one concrete strategy that you use in your learning environment that could “sell” UDL to other educators?

Check out this year’s answers gathered by official #UDLchat archivist, Ron Rogers:

And for a blast from the past, check out the archive from the very first #UDLchat!

How would you answer our original questions? Would your answers be different now than they were five years ago? Let us know in the comments, or join the conversation on Twitter using the #UDLchat hashtag.