Best Gacha Games on Mobile in 2024 [Including Gacha Rates]

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The best gacha games on mobile in 2024 offer a wide array of genres and universes, from epic fantasy battles to strategic warfare and everything in between.

If you love the thrill of the draw and are always on the lookout for the next best game to invest your time in, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore some of the top gacha games that have impressed players with their unique mechanics, stunning visuals, and fun gameplay.

I’ve also included gacha rates for each game. That way, you know your chances of pulling a rare character or item.

1. Raid: Shadow Legends

The first thing you’ll notice about Raid: Shadow Legends is its stunning graphics. But this RPG isn’t just about looks.

What makes it good is the vast array of heroes and an abundance of content to conquer.

The gacha element is strong, with countless heroes to unlock and upgrade as you battle through dungeons and story missions.

It’s a game that keeps you coming back for more, eager to see what character you’ll unlock next.

Raid Shadow Legends Gacha Rates

  • Mystery Shards (Green): Most likely to yield Common champions at 74.2%, followed by Uncommon at 24.4%, and Rare at 1.4%.
  • Ancient Shards (Blue): Offer a high chance of Rare champions at 91.5%, with Epic at 8.0%, and a small chance for Legendary at 0.5%.
  • Void Shards (Purple): Similar to Ancient Shards with a 91.5% chance for Rare, 8.0% for Epic, and 0.5% for Legendary champions. Unique to Void Shards is the exclusive access to Void Affinity Champions, not available from other shards.
  • Sacred Shards (Gold): Focused on higher-tier champions, with Epic at 94% and Legendary at 6%.

Download Raid Shadow Legends for Android Download Raid Shadow Legends for iOS

2. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact offers an open world that’s as vast as it is beautiful.

The game is a mix of exploration, action-packed domains, and a diverse cast of characters that you unlock through the gacha system.

The thrill of discovering new characters and experimenting with different team compositions is a core part of the game’s appeal. Each character brings a unique set of skills to the table, which makes every gacha pull exciting.

However, it’s important to note that this game is equally as fun without pulling for characters and you can get many of them for free.

Genshin Impact Gacha Rates

  • 6% pull rate for 5 star characters
  • 1% pull rate for 4 start characters
  • 3 for 3 star characters

Note that there’s also a pity system in Genshin Impact. The system guarantees a specific rarity character after a set number of unsuccessful pulls: a 5-star character after 90 pulls and a 4-star character after 10 pulls.

Download Genshin Impact for Android Download Genshin Impact for iOS

3. Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is a new adventure game from Genshin Impact creators and it also deserves a spot on our list of best gacha games.

It’s like Genshin Impact, but in space!

This game distinguishes itself with a turn-based combat system that allows for strategic gameplay as you explore various worlds. The roster of unique characters you can collect through gacha pulls adds depth to your journey and is very satisfying if you’re into character collection.

Honkai Star Rail Gacha Rates

Download Honkai Star Rail for Android Download Honkai Star Rail for iOS

4. Age of Frostfall

Age of Frostfall combines the elements of kingdom-building and city-building with a gacha system that allows you to unlock a wide variety of characters.

These characters are not just for show; they play a crucial role in the expansion and defense of your kingdom. The gacha mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy as you work to recruit the best characters for your needs.

Age of Frostfall Gacha Rates

Normal Summoning: Advanced Summoning:

  • 12.65% chance for a Legendary Hero.
  • 10.08% chance for an Epic Hero.
  • 16.65% chance for 5x Fragments of a Legendary Hero.
  • 30.06% chance for 5x Fragments of an Epic Hero.
  • 30.56% chance for Hero EXP/Hero Skill items.

Download Age of Frostfall for Android Download Age of Frostfall for iOS

5. AFK Arena

The turn-based RPG AFK Arena is known for its fairness to players who prefer not to spend money and features a big cast of characters that includes special guests like Ezio Auditore.

The game’s gacha system is generous, and provides players with plenty of opportunities to unlock new characters and strengthen their teams. It’s an ideal game for those who appreciate a good strategy and a fair chance at progression.

AFK Arena Hero Drop Rates

Download AFK Arena for Android Download AFK Arena for iOS

6. Another Eden

Another Eden is a unique blend of adventure, time travel, and engaging storytelling.

It’s a single-player JRPG, which makes it unique on our list of best gacha games on mobile.

The gacha system in this game is based on players unlocking new characters as they journey through different eras. It’s a game that captures the imagination, with a story that unfolds in unexpected ways as you add new characters to your roster.

Another Eden Gacha Rates

  • 2% for a 5-star character
  • 4% for a 4-star character
  • 6% for a 3-star character

Download Another Eden for Android Download Another Eden for iOS

7. Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a game that stands out with its unique blend of RPG elements, bullet hell gameplay, and naval warfare.

Instead of traditional characters, you collect ships, each with its own abilities and stats. The gacha mechanic is central to the game — it’s exciting unlocking new ships and upgrading your fleet to take on tougher challenges.

Azur Lane Pull Rates

Download Azur Lane for Android Download Azur Lane for iOS

8. Marvel Strike Force

For fans of superheroes, Marvel Strike Force is a dream come true.

The game allows you to recruit your favorite Marvel characters and form the ultimate team.

The gacha element comes into play as you work to unlock heroes and villains alike, strategizing the best team compositions to take down your opponents in this unique RPG. It also has a multiplayer mode, perfect for those who want to play with others.

Download Marvel Strike Force for Android Download Marvel Strike Force for iOS

8. Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters is a unique twist on the beloved Pokémon franchise. It focuses on sync pairs- combinations of trainers and Pokémon. The gacha system is integral to collecting these pairs, each bringing their own strengths to battles.

It’s a game that appeals to both nostalgia and the desire for new adventures, as you work to become the ultimate Pokémon Master.

Pokémon Masters Gacha Rate

Download Pokémon Masters for Android Download Pokémon Masters for iOS

10. Summoners War

Summoners War is often seen as a trailblazer in the gacha genre. It’s known for its complex battle system and the vast collection of monsters it offers.

Players dive deep into strategy and craft teams that exploit enemy weaknesses and synergize well with each other. The excitement of summoning a rare monster from the gacha pool is unmatched and makes every pull a potentially game-changing moment.

Summoners War Drop Rates

Mystical and Elemental Scrolls Scam Stones L&D Legendary and Transcendence Download Summoners War for Android Download Summoners War for iOS

11. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This game brings the beloved Final Fantasy universe into the gacha space by blending iconic characters and elements with fun, turn-based combat.

Special events and collaborations add to the excitement, as well as provide fresh content and the opportunity to summon characters from a wide array of Final Fantasy titles.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Drop Rates

  • 3+ Pulls: 76.7% for 3-star units, 20.2% for 4-star units, and 3.1% for 5-star units.
  • 4+ Pulls: 95.9% for 4-star units and 4.1% for 5-star units.
  • 10+1 Pulls: 71.8% for 3-star units, 26.6% for 4-star units, and 1.6% for 5-star units.

Download Final Fantasy for Android Download Final Fantasy for iOS

12. Arknights

In a unique twist, Arknights combines gacha mechanics with tower defense gameplay.

Strategic planning and character placement are key; as each operator you summon has specific abilities that can turn the tide of battle. It’s a game that rewards thoughtful play and offers a satisfying depth of strategy for those willing to dive into its intricacies.

Arknights Gacha Drop Rates

  • 6-star operators: 2%
  • 5-star operators: 8%
  • 4-star operators: 50%
  • 3-star operators: 40%

These rates remain consistent, whether you’re pulling single operators or opting for the 10x pulls option.

Download Arknights for Android Download Arknights for iOS

13. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is a must-play for fans of the iconic anime.

This game features customizable characters, intense battles, and PvP elements. The thrill of summoning your favorite Dragon Ball characters and forming powerful teams is the game’s main appeal. These features are complemented by stunning graphics and fluid animations that bring the Dragon Ball universe to life.

Dragon Ball Legends Summon Rates

  • Hero (HE), 60%, normal banners, common.
  • Extreme (EX), 30%, normal banners, uncommon.
  • Sparking (SP), 10%, normal banners, rare.
  • Ultra (UL), 0.365%, special banners, extremely rare.

Download Dragon Ball Legends for Android Download Dragon Ball Legends for iOS

14. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes will transport you into strategic battles and rich storytelling of the Fire Emblem universe.

The game simplifies the franchise’s complex tactics into accessible, mobile-friendly gameplay without losing depth. You can summon heroes from various Fire Emblem titles and strategize their deployment in battles — this is the basis for the game’s gacha system.

Fire Emblem Heroes Summon Rates


  • 3% for 5-star focus units
  • 3% for 5-star units
  • 3% for 4-star special units
  • 55% for 4-star units
  • 36% for 3-star units

Legendary/Mythic Hero Focus

  • 8% for 5-star focus units
  • 3% for 4-star special units
  • 55% for 4-star units
  • 34% for 3-star units

Download Fire Emblem Heroes for Android Download Fire Emblem Heroes for iOS

15. Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom combines kingdom-building with engaging, level-based gameplay, all wrapped up in a charming narrative.

The gacha element comes into play with the diverse cast of characters (Cookies) you can collect, from common Cookies like GingerBrave to legendary Cookies like Black Pearl and ancient ones like Pure Vanilla Cookie. Each one of them adds a unique flavor to your kingdom and battle strategy.

Another thing that makes this game stand out among the best gacha games is its colorful graphics and cute-looking characters.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Gacha Rates

Cookie Run: Kingdom uses a pity system: a Cookie of any rarity every 10 draws, and specifically an Epic Cookie every 100 draws.

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom for Android Download Cookie Run: Kingdom for iOS

16. Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage

Departing from the typical combat-focused gacha game, Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage is a rhythm game filled with vibrant music, singing, and adorable characters.

That’s what makes it stand out among other best gacha games on this list.

The excitement of unlocking new songs and characters through the gacha system adds a layer of anticipation and reward, and makes every performance a chance to experience something new.

Download Hatsune Miku for Android Download Hatsune Miku for iOS

17. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a dream come true for fans of the saga. It’s based on turn-based gameplay where you can collect and play as your favorite hero or villain from the Star Wars universe, which is the game’s main draw and why it deserves to be on the list of best gacha games.

Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Grand Master Joda, and Emperor Palpatine are just a couple out of dozens of available characters, each one with its unique strengths.

There’s also the strategic depth of team composition which makes it a standout gacha game for Star Wars enthusiasts.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Drop Rates

The drop rate for shards on any node is 33%.

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for Android Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for iOS

Best Gacha Games: Final Thoughts

And there you have it — the best gacha games you can play on your phone. Which one is your favorite? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

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