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Top Discord Bots for Growing NFT, Crypto, and Blockchain Gaming Servers

This article was originally published on Udonis’ blog.

As you probably know, Discord is the best place for NFT, crypto, or blockchain gaming community building. However, managing Discord servers can be a cumbersome task.

The solution?

Add top Discord bots to your server and automate tasks.

Wondering which bots are the best ones?

I’ve put together a list of top Discord bots for moderation, management, engagement, gaming, music, security, and more!

What Are Discord Bots?

If you’re not familiar with Discord bots, these are AI tools used to automate various tasks on your server.

Benefits of Using Discord Bots

Discord bots make it easy to moderate and manage your Discord channel, welcome new members, set up verification processes, as well as keep your community safe.

Furthermore, for crypto, NFT, and blockchain gaming Discord communities, engagement is of the utmost value. You can’t expect to grow a strong and loyal community that will support your project without keeping them interested. That includes playing games, quizzes, giveaways, and other tactics.

Naturally, that takes a lot of work, which is another reason why using Discord bots for engagement is beneficial.

How to Add Bots to Discord Server?

To add bots to a Discord server, you need to find a bot you like and click add or invite to Discord. Usually, you’ll need to verify your account. Depending on the bot, you’ll need to set it up and customize it to your liking.

It’s as simple as that.

Most bots offer many features for free and have premium plans for exclusive features.

Top Discord Bots for Moderation and Management + Multipurpose Bots

The first list of top Discord bots is dedicated to bots for general management, moderation, roles, levels, events, as well as multipurpose bots that have it all.


I want to start this list with Dyno. It’s one of those top Discord bots that does it all. More than 7.6 million servers use it.

Its moderation features include auto roles, welcome & auto messages, mod logs, timed mutes, bans, anti-spam, custom commands, AFK status, and more. Dyno’s intuitive dashboard allows you to configure all of these features in just a few clicks.


You can get basic Dyno features for free. Those who want additional features must upgrade to a premium plan.

Premium 1x — $4.99

Custom Premium — $9.99


Next up is MEE6 — it without a doubt belongs among the top Discord bots. It’s a multifunction moderation bot that more than 19 million servers use.

Here are some of its features:

  • A welcome message
  • Custom commands
  • Streaming and social media alerts
  • Reaction roles
  • Leveling system
  • Bot customization

If you’re looking for a safe and versatile bot, I highly recommend MEE6.


You can get many MEE6 features for free. There’s also a premium option that unlocks all features and plugins.

Monthly — $11.95

Yearly — $49.99

Lifetime — $89.90


ProBot is another multipurpose bot for moderation, social commands, music, welcome, messages, and more. Its auto-moderation feature instantly detects bad behaviors, solves them, and automatically responds to trigger words. You can also design a custom welcome image. More than 7 million servers use it.


ProBot is free.

Bump Reminder

Bump Reminder is a multifunctional and fully customizable Discord bot with many features and plugins. For example, you can create welcome messages and various types of reminders. Furthermore, there are engagement features, like the question of the day, and a counting game.


According to its website, 97% of Bump Reminder features are free.


Arcane is another multipurpose Discord bot that can help you grow your community. Its features include role rewards, leaderboards, voice leveling, reaction roles, YouTube notifications, advanced logging, and moderation.


Free plan includes basic features and role rewards. Access to premium features starts at $5.


Zira is another of the top Discord bots dedicated to reaction-based roles. This bot offers four different types of reaction roles and can automatically assign roles to users, among other features.


Most Zira features are free, while you can access premium features for only $2 per month.

Invite Tracker

Invite Tracker is also among the top Discord bots with multiple features including invite tracking, message, tracking, giveaways, and more.

Premium features include the ability to embed messages, set giveaway requirements, extra invite commands, and more.


Basic features are available for free, while premium packages start at $3.50 a month.


Our list of top Discord bots that have multiple functions couldn’t be complete without Xenon. What’s unique about this bot is that it was the first one to offer server templates, which can be very useful.

Furthermore, Xenon allows you to create automatic backups, as well as synchronize messages and role assignments between different servers.


Just like most top Discord bots, you can get many Xenon features for free. There are also premium plans starting at $4.99.


Helper is advertised as a panel-based Discord ticket bot. From the panel, you can manage and respond to tickets, control permissions, and edit variables. Furthermore, this bot is fully customizable.


You can get many Helper features for free. Paid plans include Supreme for $4 a month and Premium (requires you to have Supreme) for $2 a month.


Apollo is a simple event management Discord bot used by more than 150k servers. It allows users to sign up for events with a single click and receive event reminders. Furthermore, you can set up recurring events. Apollo also localizes event times, which makes event coordination that much easier.


Most Apollo features are available for free. For exclusive features, you need to become a patron.


If you want to become a professional community builder, you need stats. Statbot is here to provide just that. You can get data on the number of users, messages, voice activity, server rank, and much more! It is used by over 350,000 servers.


You can get many stats for free. For advanced data, you’ll need to purchase the premium plan — currently on sale for $8.97 per month.

Top Discord Bots for Increasing Engagement

As I mentioned before, the key to building a strong crypto, NFT, or blockchain gaming community is engagement. There are top Discord bots that help you accomplish that. I’ve sorted them into two sections — the first one is all about gaming bots, while the other is for giveaways, quizzes, and other miscellaneous engagement bots.

Gaming Bots

Rumble Royale

Let’s start this list with one of the most popular gaming Discord bots — Rumble Royale. This text-based gaming bot provides endless fun to your members and can run events automatically. To top it all off, it’s incredibly quick and easy to set up.


Rumble Royale is free.


Gartic is a popular drawing-based party game. You can also play it in Discord by using the GarticBOT.

Here’s how it works.

The bot provides the drawing and users need to guess it. Users can work together, which not only increases engagement but brings people together.


GarticBOT is free.


If you want to build a fun Discord community, Tatsu is the bot for you. There’s a virtual pet game, the ability to build a house, and you can create your own store. Users can buy profile cards, badges, pets, and furniture, as well as sell and gift these items. Additionally, players can compete to move up the leaderboards.

Over 1.4 million servers use it.


The basic Tatsu plan is free, premium plans start at $4.99.


As I mentioned, the best way to bring together an NFT or blockchain community is through gaming. IdleRPG is the perfect bot for that as it allows users to team up and fight against the mighty dragon Zerekiel.


IdleRPG is free.

Epic RPG

Epic RPG is a popular economy and text-based roleplaying bot that brings game elements to your Discord server. It has tons of cool features including leaderboards, PvP, dungeons, lootboxes, gambling, and more!


Epic RPG is free.

Idle Capitalist

Idle Capitalist is another popular Discord economy bot. It allows users to purchase a business and make a profit. Community members can also team up and compete on leaderboards.


Idle Capitalist is free, but you can support it on Patreon for additional perks.

Giveaway Bots & Other Engagement Bots


Giveaways are essential for growing your NFT or blockchain gaming community. GiveawayBot is the perfect tool for that. It helps you set up giveaways and pick the winners.

More than 2 million servers use it.


GiveawayBot is free.


Polls are another cool engagement feature — use EasyPoll to give community members the opportunity to vote. There are different polls available, like time polls and anonymous polls. Furthermore, you can fully customize your polls.


The basic EasyPoll features are free, while advanced ones, like customization, are available with a premium plan which costs 3.99 euros a month.


Quizzes are another fun activity that can help you grow your community. Use QuizBot to get access to a large collection of public quizzes or create custom quizzes. You can also create leaderboards based on points users earn.


Access to core QuizBot features is free. You can access premium features by becoming a patron.

Dank Memer

No Discord server is complete without memes — it is an integral part of every online community. Dank Memer is a Discord meme bot every server needs. It has a currency system, image manipulation, and more than a hundred meme commands.


The majority of Dank Memer features are available for free.


Tip.cc is an essential Discord bot for any crypto or blockchain gaming community as it allows users to send and receive cryptocurrency. It supports more than 500 coins and tokens. What’s cool is that users can send crypto even to members who don’t have a wallet.

Additionally, this bot also has games, quizzes, airdrops, and other cool engagement features.


Tip.cc is free.


Mushroom is a cool Discord bot that allows you to organize gaming events, guilds, as well as promote streams, and live events. This bot also has a leaderboard feature, quests, and a store. All that is essential for any blockchain gaming community.


Mushroom is free.


Music is a big part of Discord — it makes everything that much more enjoyable. Hydra is one of the top music bots that will help you add tunes to your server. Some of its features include a web dashboard, reaction roles editor, message builder, song request channel, 24/7 playback, and more.


Many Hydra features are free. However, premium features are available with paid plans starting at $1.99 a month.

Top Discord Bots for Security and Verification

Finally, I’ve included a couple of top Discord bots that will help you keep your server safe.


If you want to make sure your Discord server is secure, I recommend you use a verification bot like Captcha.bot. This is particularly important for crypto, blockchain, NFT, and web3 servers.

This bot also removes spam and flags suspicious accounts.


Basic Captcha.bot features are free. Unlock premium features for $4.99 a month or $55 a year.


If you’re looking for a wallet authentication bot, Vulcan is one of the best ones out there. After users verify their wallets, they get a unique role.

Because Vulcan can protect members from phishing scams, it’s essential for the safety of any tokenized Discord community.


Vulcan verification is free.

Double Counter

Double Counter is another verification bot for keeping your server secure. It blocks alt accounts, VPN, and bots and has a ton of useful features, listed in the image above.


You can get access to most Double Counter features for free. Premium packages start at $6.99.

Top Discord Bots: A Summary

As you can see, there are many great Discord bots with all kinds of use cases. Use them to your advantage and grow your community!



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