Chinese New Year 2019: how uDroppy managed to keep delivering during the most challenging period

Carlo Bellati
Feb 13, 2019 · 3 min read

If you are running an online store you know that Chinese New Year is one of the most challenging periods because Chinese factories go on holiday for, at least, a couple of weeks.

This may result in problems with your customers if you don’t work with the right partners an adopt the right marketing strategies.

Many of you may have been experiencing a rough time in these days because of late deliveries, and long wait for your customers with consequent complaints and refund requests.

We didn’t want our partners to undergo such a trial, this is why we worked hard to find the most efficient solution for them.

Thanks to our Chinese New Year Non-Stop Shipping Service, our clients had the chance to deliver products to their clients even during this tough period.

How we managed to do it?

It’s easy, we offered to our partners the opportunity to order products in stock before the closing of order from Chinese factories and keep them in our warehouses, so that they could be shipped without stopping, all over the world, during the most intense period of the year.

Dropshippers and digital entrepreneurs had the opportunity to benefit from this service free of charge in occasion of this special event.

There is more to it than that. Thanks to the huge number of products ordered from some of our partners, the related factories decided to stay open even during the Chinese New Year period, so that they could take care of the orders received. This was only possible thanks to our strong partnership with the Directors of those factories across China.

But here it comes, the icing on the cake: despite the odds of this very busy and complicated moment of the year, our E-commerce Managers were able to source new products to satisfy the needs and desires of our partners. They put a huge effort in contacting all the factories to find the best providers for them.

Our mission is to give the highest quality service to our clients, helping them selling quality products to people all over the world in short time without the need to take care of the cumberstone processes. This is why we always look for new strategies, ideas and technical features, to make both our platform and services easier, safer and more efficient.

The 2019 Chinese New Year is just started, but we are already satisfied with the results obtained and the feedbacks of our clients. Having a committed and caring partner is proved once again to be the key factor for digital entrepreneurs and dropshipper to succeed even during the most complex and tricky times.

If you want to partner up with the most efficient and reliable e-commerce platform operating worldwide, you should definitely create an accountat uDroppy (IT’S FREE) so that you won’t have to think about sourcing quality products, fulfilling orders manually and worry about shipping times and processes because you will know that we’ve got your back.


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