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Apr 9 · 7 min read

Being a copywriter is not the same thing as just knowing how to write.

If you think that having good writing skills, knowing the grammar and the punctuation are enough to make good copy, then you are completely wrong.

In this article I will explain you the real meaning of copywriting and how you can create persuasive content to improve your business and better engage your audience.

The art of copywriting

First things first, what is copywriting?

I bet you wondered a lot about this concept.

In few words, it is the ability of writing persuasive content. This is the reason why being a good writer is not enough.

In order to create persuasive messages, you have to follow three steps:

  1. define a specific subject you want to talk about, this will help you focus your attention and create a consistent content that will interest your “reader” or “visitor”;
  2. target a specific audience, this means you have to find a narrow public you want to talk to. This will help you find a clear style and tone of voice, other than channeling a specific message to an interested audience;
  3. have a final, specific goal. This is the key aspect of copywriting, since the ultimate goal is to persuade people doing something. Your goal must be clear and, if possible, measurable in order to understand if your message is effective (subscribe to a newsletter, create an account on a platform, ect.).

These fundamental aspects of copywriting require you to analyze your target, your mission and the channels you are going to use to spread your messages. This means conducting researches and sharing information with other departments of your company.

Now you’re asking yourself, why do I need a good copywriting for my activity?

The answer is as simple as that: you have to win the attention of people. The new digital era generates an enormous amount of information shared throughout the web from infinite companies, public authorities, newspapers, freelancers, bloggers and individuals.

People are surrounded by all this information, but have to choose where to focus their attention. There is not enough time to consider everyone, so you must be able to create powerful messages which call the attention of people, engaging them.

How? I will explain this in the next paragraphs.

The website

We understood what copywriting is about and why we need it. It is important, though, that you understand that you can create compelling copy almost for everything. Copywriting does not apply exclusively to e-commerce or store that has to sell a product; a good copy can enhance your visibility, the brand awareness, your revenues and much more.

First step: your website. It is the showcase of your business and therefore, you must take advantage of every chance it represents. In fact, other than giving your contact, the website must clearly describe what your business is about. This is the very first information you have to give your prospects because if they can’t figure it out right away, you will lose them forever.

A clear welcome message is not enough to keep the attention of your prospects and turn them into clients. This is why you have to create a powerful story about your company and your business that will engage people prompting them to share your brand and purchase your products or services. You must have heard of storytelling, even if you are not a copywriter or a communication expert.

As said above, every copy must have a specific goal and this is why you must insert clear calls to action in your website to guide prospects through the page, motivating them to take actions (newsletter subscription, calls, e-mails, purchases and so on).

If your website is a selling platform, you may want to think about different kinds of copy according to the different Funnel phases that characterize every purchase.

Company and product description

Whether your goal is to improve your sales or the brand awareness, you may consider to print some brochures to be handled during exhibitions and events, meetings with potential partners, clients and providers, etc. These leaflets and brochures will be the unique means of communication after the first contact, therefore they will have to explain clearly and powerfully your activity and why people should buy from or invest in you.

I guess now you’re wondering why you should use your resources to print brochures when you could use digital leaflets and material.

The reason is simple, physical brochures and leaflets are still one of the most effective tools to spread your brand and products since they can be immediately used; make a better, long-lasting impression and can be passed to friends, colleagues and partners to share the information.

Copywriting is also extremely important when it comes about products and sales messages. This is why you should also include a proper compelling copy in sales pages, which are landing pages dedicated to single offers.

In this case the copy will have to describe how the product you are selling will satisfy the needs and desire of your prospects, persuading them to buy the product as soon as possible. In order to do this, you will have to plan a proper copy for the body (description), the headline that must be clear, short and powerful (using simple words, numbers, questions, for example).

The sales page is thought to improve your revenues and to raise your orders, this means that it must have a clear, persuasive, call to action. Creating urgency in your prospects will make them more inclined to purchase immediately and buy more.

What if you don’t have a single sales page but lot of products pages?

You can apply the same rule, of course.

Selling people quality products at competitive prices is not enough anymore, now you have to sell them one or more benefits you have to sell them a story, and experience, create a need they did not know they had, or persuade them this is the exact thing they are looking for. This is why you must be able to create relevant copy explaining them how your product or service will improve their quality of life, solving all their issues.

Creating a compelling copy for brochures, sales pages and product pages will help you not only to turn prospects into clients or stakeholders, but also to make them share your brand, products and values with their network.

The newsletter

We already said that today; our goal is not only pushing people to purchase from our company, but also win their attention so that they will come back and spread a positive WOM (word of mouth). One of the best tool to keep in touch with your clients and prospects is the newsletter.

It may happen that prospects find your webpage when they are not interested or not in the position to buy your products, even if they think your store is attractive. This is why on your website you should put a call to action aimed at pushing them to leave their email and subscribe to your newsletter.

Having a powerful copy in your e-mail newsletter you will be able to create a long-lasting relationship with your potential or past client, providing them with valuable information that will turn your brand into a critical resource, a reference point for them to know the last trends in your field.

The creation of a bond and the explanation of your activity are fundamental steps that guide people to make a purchase. Generally, we are more inclined to buy from people we know (the same happens online). A proper newsletter strategy will help you instill trust into your subscribers.

Similar to the newsletter is the blog strategy. You can decide to create a blog, related to your business, where you will share all relevant information within your field so that your customers and prospects will be able to find solutions to their doubts and gather new knowledge raising your reliability and awareness.

Social media

It shouldn’t surprise you, but in 2019 you cannot run a business and avoid including social media in your communication plan!

Are you wondering why?

Let me tell you this, the world population reached 7.7 billion and more than 3 billion people use social media everyday, all around the globe. If that is not enough, let me tell you these: statistics show that the 56% of consumers who follow brands on social affirm they do it to keep an eye on products.

Furthermore, brands can now sell directly on social media and the number of “social commerce” keeps growing every year.

You can easily understand now that they represent a huge opportunity to find new clients, connect with them, increase the awareness of your brand and boost your sales (also thanks to the possibility of running effective ads on Facebook and Instagram).

Since you fight to grab the attention of people you have to find the most catchy, easy to understand and efficient way to express your brand’s key features and competitive advantages to the customer.

Every social network has its own characteristics, public and style, this is why you must choose carefully where you want to be present and what is the tone of voice you want to share. In general, be sure to adapt the content according to the social network you are using.


This article provides you with an introduction of copywriting, giving you a clear idea of what it is and how it can be useful for your business when properly applied to your communication strategy.

Now that you know how important copywriting is, I bet you want to know more!

Well, I will be here for you, so be sure to follow uDroppy Channel and my profile to find all the relevant information you need about communication, copywriting and marketing.


uDroppy aims to become the number one trusted partner of drop-shippers. We believe in changing the status quo, by simplifying the way drop-shippers run their operations. It happens our clients have the highest ROI. Wanna try?

Giulia Cacciatore

Written by

Copywriter and Content Strategist at uDroppy.



uDroppy aims to become the number one trusted partner of drop-shippers. We believe in changing the status quo, by simplifying the way drop-shippers run their operations. It happens our clients have the highest ROI. Wanna try?

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