How to destroy the competition creating your Blue Ocean

Carlo Bellati
May 21, 2019 · 8 min read

Affiliate marketing is a very competitive and complex world. Every day rules change, costs raise and your revenues go down.

In this article I will explain how to say goodbye to this red ocean. You will forget about this challenging market and enter a blue ocean, free from competition. Here you will be able to fulfill your potential thanks to the support of a partner like uDroppy. We are the platform that help digital entrepreneurs like you in every operation.

The 4th industrial revolution

As you read in my previous articles, today we live in the 4th industrial revolution. The connected world evolves everyday, pushing you to change and find new solutions.

If you are an affiliate or an advertiser, you know that Facebook is always harder to handle. CPM keeps rising while conversion rates go down and algorithms change.


Because the social network want to give value to the users, lowering ads and growing the number of user posts shared. In this way Facebook will raise the user retention.

This is why, lately, it started to score brands on the platform. Through a set of questions to you and your clients, you get a vote. If it’s lower than 2, your ads start reaching less people. And if you are not able to raise your customer feedback it will keep falling until it will go under 1. At that point Facebook will deactivate your page.

What does it mean? That budget is not the only key factor for your business. Quality, value and service are as important as that, today.

Statistics show that 86% of users would pay more for a better customer experience.

This is why it became the focus of every brand. Today we started talking about ROCX insted of ROI (the return on activities aimed at improving the customer experience).

If you want to give a better experience you have to sell quality products. This help you building trustworthy relationships with your clients. And using also customized marketing tools you will be able to bring value and ask a higher price.

Leave the red ocean for the blue ocean

In this competitive market how can you create a long-lasting, fruitful business?

You can’t!

If you want your business to survive, creating a true asset, you have to change market. You have to create your own blue ocean and fulfill your potential.

Let’s see together what is the change I am talking about.

If you are an affiliate, you want to win your competitors and the challenges of the market, you have to pass to e-commerce.

As you can see from the image, entering e-commerce means taking control over your own business, content and profits. You don’t have geo limitations, competition is lower and you earn more. This is how you can build a long-lasting, fruitable business.

Do you want a proof of economic convenience?

Let’s look at this example

Working in e-commerce you can earn up to four time more. Not to mention what you can do if you raise the AOV (Luca Borreani tells you more in his article). You can multiply your numbers thanks to cross selling, upselling and downselling.

You won’t have to change your job. Marketing is fundamental in e-commerce too. It’s about creating an asset that can be sold one day. A business with value and a future where you have the decision making power.

E-commerce is a growing sector. And as the difference between the physical and digital word disappear, online stores can satisfy customer as brick and mortar ones.

What do you need to be a successful e-commerce owner?

Working in e-commerce I listed the 5 features each successful digital entrepreneur has:

  1. The mindset. If you want to become a first level entrepreneur you have to think as one. Don’t limit yourself to sell quality product but think about the next move. For example: imagine the packaging to improve the customer experience. Create branded products (with uDroppy you can also brand packaging). Think about fast delivery of products;
  2. The customer care. Give your customers a complete service and support. You have to be professional and always help them. In the digital word negative feedbacks expand quickly and are poisonous for your business;
  3. Retention. In a market where CPA keep rising, you have to focus on your clients and push them to order again. You can use a huge set of strategies to make their experience faster. For example a “recently seen products” section, a wishlist, an “order again” button and autofill. These are powerful tactics to make it quicker for your client to order again, improving CX and raising CLTV;
  4. Chatbot. You can use chatbots to improve the experience of your client if they are a real support for them, pushing them to buy a product;
  5. Deep knowledge of the client. If you know your client you can offer the best service, meeting his needs and desires. This is a key factor that marketing, sales and customer service departments must share.

Clients are the core of your job. You can divide them into two categories: the researchers and the clients in mission. The first ones are those who are looking for all the products on the market (81% of users do research before buying). Clients in mission are those that know what they want. They have a specific need and they look immediately if you can satisfy it.

When you approach your client you have to know which type you are dealing with. This way you will be able to make your customer buy.

As I said before: there is no difference between the digital and physical world anymore. You can apply the same logic of a brick and mortar store to an online one.

For example, when you enter a store, the assistant come to you and ask you if she/he can help. This way they do not promote a positive conversation.

The same happen on an online store. If you use a bot wait and see which product the customer look at. Then, ask him/her if he/she likes it. If the answer is yes, give all the information needed to make him/her buy. If the answer is no, suggest an alternative.

To sum it up, being a successful business means put clients at the centre of your world and give them value. To do this, and create a sustainable business, you have to go from affiliate to e-commerce.

The partner able to support you in a complete way in doing it is uDroppy. It’s the platform that allow you to become a digital entrepreneur without risk. It takes care of the complex operations to let you focus on what you are better at: marketing.

uDroppy, the partner for your success

We created uDroppy because we believe that the e-commerce status quo must change. This is why we automate all the operations of the business, giving you the time you need to focus on selling products through marketing.

Unlike Alibaba Group platforms, we are designed for businesses like yours. We help digital entrepreneurs to build a long-lasting asset with quality owned products.

Our clients are dropshippers, affiliate networks, advertisers, digital entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, traditional brands and e-commerce owners. To satisfy everyone and each of them we developed a wide set of services to help them grow.

We are an international brand that can source every product on the market. We can ship in every country of the globe via plane in 7–10 days. And if you buy great quantity of products we can offer you two more solutions. You can get products via shipping (35 days) or via train (20 days). These are solutions that help you lower your costs and are perfect if you are good with forecast.

Thanks to our support you can forget the problems of e-commerce. Problems like: poor quality, neverending deliveries, no tracking numbers.

Don’t let the fear of these threats scare you, because with uDroppy you will never have to face them. We:

  • Ship products in a safe and fast manner, worldwide;
  • we check the quality of products in our logistic centre
  • we can provide you every kind of product. We can also customize it by printing your logo, changing the specifications or creating from scratch what you need;
  • we automate the fulfillment and invoicing processes, saving your time;
  • we offer you the virtual warehousing service. You can buy high quantities of products and store them in our logistic centre without renting a warehouse;
  • we can sell products in bulk. In this way you reduce the unit costs without worries. We take care of the entire process, including the filling of necessary documents;
  • we follow you in every step assigning you a dedicated e-com manager that will help you to reach the top.

Amazing, isn’t it?

If you are still not sure about the value we can bring into your life and business, let’s talk about numbers. I’m sure you are going to like it.

Let’s assume that you can raise revenues over $500k in an year.

If you are a dropshipper, these are the costs you have to face:

Not to mention that you are not creating an asset. You are just selling products without a long term vision.

If, instead of dropshipping, you have a brand, you are facing (or will be facing) these costs:

In this way you have huge fixed costs that don’t let you be as flexible as to try new markets.

I know what you are thinking right now. “You kept saying that e-commerce is better than affiliate, but how can it be with all these expenses?”.

Well, it’s because you have to choose the right partner.

If you work with uDroppy everything changes:

As you can see, the economic convenience is huge!

Our services are free of charge and allow you to create a brand taking advantage of a working business model.


If you want to create a business in a market where competition doesn’t endanger your work, you have control on what you do and what you earn, you have to change. Leave the red ocean and enter the blue ocean. Leave the affiliate marketing to enter the e-commerce sector. This is the solution.

With the support and services offered by uDroppy, you can build a long-lasting asset, a fruitful brand to be proud of.

Don’t miss this opportunity and create your account now.

You can create an account for free here!

We work to give you the best service and all the information for your success. Follow our channel and my profile to be always updated.


uDroppy aims to become the number one trusted partner of…

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uDroppy aims to become the number one trusted partner of drop-shippers. We believe in changing the status quo, by simplifying the way drop-shippers run their operations. It happens our clients have the highest ROI. Wanna try?

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