What is the difference between uDroppy and AliExpress: a must read for Dropshippers

I guess you know what AliExpress is and how it works.

If you are a dropshipper you will probably have used it to sell products to your customers, at least in the beginning of your career.

I guess you also know that now there are many better alternatives to AliExpress for dropshippers. Solutions like uDroppy, the e-commerce platform designed to make your life easier.

Why uDroppy is better and different than from AliExpress?

I have all the answers to your questions.

What is AliExpress and how it works

Let us start from the basics.

Are you sure you really know what AliExpress is?

To put it simple, AliExpress is a B2C and C2C platform created to allow Chinese individuals and companies to sell their products to customers worldwide.

It is an online service for retailers who want to sell and ship their products outside of China. This is why, and that is very interesting, inland customers are not allowed to buy from the platform and non-Chinese companies and individuals cannot open their store with AliExpress.

This means that you cannot create a store on AliExpress, or use their products directly on your store either. So if you are considering using AliExpress to run your store, you will have to go through a very complex process.

Let’s see together how.

First of all, you open AliExpress and spend your time looking for interesting products, trying to understand if they work or not and how people feel about them through reviews. Once you have selected the items you want to sell, you realize that there are many different sellers with different prices.

You will think about choosing a provider with special offers that will make the price even lower and then copy the images and description to your store, and start selling it.

Every order you will receive will result in you going to AliExpress and placing a single order with the details of your customer. This does not seem complicated at first, but when you start having dozens or hundreds of orders per day, it will surely become a nightmare.

Not to mention all the problems that may come after.

I guess you already know what I am talking about:

  • issues with shipping times (there is no guarantee the product will arrive in the specified time, and shipping times can be as long as 60 days).
  • problems with products not shipped at all (this happens quite often as there is no way to track down the unreliable suppliers, or to communicate with some of them successfully).
  • costs raising because of promotion expirations (no seller will notify you if they decide to change the product, raise the price, or take it down altogether).
  • your paypal or stripe accounts getting frozen because of refunds requests (payment gateways are extremely strict with seller accounts and it is way too easy to get slapped with a ban based on a small number of negative reviews).

This is probably when you will understand that AliExpress is not the best choice anymore.

So is there any way around this?

Dropshippers’ solution: uDroppy

If you experienced at least one of the problems I just mentioned above, then I have the right solution for you.

It is called uDroppy; a platform designed for supporting digital entrepreneurs in all the aspects of their e-commerce business.

Our motto is marketing on you, the rest on us, because we take care of the logistics, fulfilment, sourcing and shipping processes of your orders, providing you with all the time necessary to focus on marketing.

But that’s not it.

Creating a uDroppy account (all completely free of charge) you will be able to connect your Shopify store and choose which products you want to sell there.

We can offer you a list of products thanks to our direct relationship with hundreds of factories in China and around the world. But in case you can’t find exactly what you are looking for or what your customers like, you can always ask your E-comm Manager and he or she will activate our internal sourcing team to find it for you within 48 hours.

What is an E-comm Manager?

An E-comm Manager is the expert that will support you throughout your entire partnership with uDroppy. Our E-commerce Managers are at your complete disposal, sourcing new products for you, checking the status of your orders, helping you solve any issue you may have during your daily operations management.

I guess that now you are wondering how much their consultancy will cost you.

Well, let me surprise you: it is COMPLETELY FREE!

So what’s next: you create your account, you find interesting products, check the price of every item and its shipping costs and then decide to push them to your store. From that moment on, everytime you will receive an order we will automatically receive it too.

All you will have to do is log into your account, fulfill your orders in one click and watch your numbers grow!

We will automatically send you an invoice (something Aliexpress doesn’t do since it not made for businesses) and a tracking number for every order.

Partnering up with us means giving your customers quality products, tracking numbers and fast shipping. In 4 to 12 days (depending on your client’s country and your chosen shipping option) products will arrive to the final customer improving their purchase experience and raising your revenues.


Now, you have all the information you need to make the most suitable choice for your business.

Success is hard to reach and requires hard work and commitment, we know it and therefore our mission is to take away the cumbersome and complicated aspects of e-commerce business so you can focus on what makes you stand out — building your brand and working on creating a perfect customer experience.

If you want to be always up to date in the business field, be sure to follow uDroppy publication (below) and follow me. I can’t wait to share valuable content with you!